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Disinfectants & Cleaners

Quality disinfectants and cleaning products are the backbone of a solid biosecuity program. Using proven, effective and economical disinfectant solutions such as Synergize and Tek-Trol is the best way to minimze and eliminate the introduction and spread of disease causing pathogens to your farm premises, buildings, barns and other facilities. 

Increase the effectiveness and get the most out of your disinfectant investments by installing an AccuPro dispenser to accurately mix and dispense larger volumes of disinfectant when filling foot baths and foot mats. When disinfecting vehicle tires, equipment and building interiors, use foaming, spraying and fogging units to ensure complete sanitization while eliminating the wasted dollars associated with overmixing disinfecting solutions. 

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Virkon® S Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

A broad spectrum disinfectant effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
From $59.00

Traffic C.O.P. Foot Pan Powder

Dry foot bath disinfectant with active chlorine base. No need to add water or dilute.

DC&R® Disinfectant

Especially suited for equipment, which may harbor or spread germs or microorganisms. DC&R is a broad-spectrum residual disinfectant that keeps working for up to 7 days after application.
From $26.99

Tek-Trol Aerosol Disinfectant

The ideal spot disinfectant for service personnel moving from location to location.
From $6.75

Synergize Cool NF

Lower foaming formulation of Synergize™ is the cornerstone of an effective biosercuity program on your farm. 1 gallon jug.
From $28.52

Synergize Disinfectant

Standard formulation of Synergize™ is effective against a broad range of infectious microorganisms that threaten on-farm biosecurity. 1 gallon.
From $26.00

Tek-Trol Disinfectant - 1 Gallon

Tek-Trol® is the standard used to judge other swine and poultry disinfectants. 1 gallon.
From $25.75

Kenosan Foaming Detergent

Extreme dirt penetrating capacity and excellent at breaking down biofilms.

SWASH Dust Repelling Treatment

SWASH Dust-Repel is a soil releasing, non-acidic, and non-corrosive product that can be applied to plastic, fiberglass, or galvanized steel fans, cowlings, shutters, louvers, and light traps.

SWASH Equipment™

SWASHEQUIPMENT™ will provide shine and gloss to equipment as well as protection from farm soils and grime. Surface Applications: Tractors, trucks, cars, mowers, combines, composters, windrowers, tillers, etc.

SWASH House™

Once treated with SWASHHOUSE™, it will become difficult for unwanted matter to build-up on surfaces. Any soils that may build up are actually held away from the surfaces by the water soluble film “shield.”

SWASH Cool-Cell™

Reduce build-up and improve the airflow of existing evaporative cooling systems. Surface Applications: Cool-Cell Pads and Equipment

SaniDate® 5.0

SaniDate 5.0® is a powerful and effective EPA-registered sanitizer/disinfectant. The highly-stabilized 5% peroxyacetic acid (PAA) formulation is composed of organic acids and hydrogen peroxide developed for a wide variety of agricultural applications.

1.75% Iodine

1.75% iodine solution used for sanitation of drinking water and general disinfection.
From $15.95