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Egg Table Motors, Parts & Controls

Replacement motors, parts and controls for Chore-Time®, Shenandoah®, Cumberland® and other model egg tables. 

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Motor Springs

SKU: EIS900115-01
Spring Replacement Lesson Motor MMZ606.

Motor Brush

SKU: EIS900163-11
Replacement brush for Lesson motor MMZ606

3/4" Lovejoy Coupler Hub

SKU: LOV11087
Replacement coupler hub 3/4" bore, 3/16" keyway, L095

1" Lovejoy Coupler Hub

SKU: LOV11091
Replacement coupler hub 1" bore, 1/4" keyway, L095

Lovejoy Spacer

SKU: LOV11075
Replacement spider gear spacer for hub coupler

Leeson® 1/2 HP Egg Table Motor

Fits most egg tables with 1/2 hp motor requirements.

Lesson 1/2 hp Motor for Pax

SKU: 2M168D
Motor 1/2 HP 90v DC for Pax egg collector

3/4 HP Motor for Pax Egg Collector

SKU: 2M169
Motor 3/4" HP 90V DC for Pax egg collector. 56C frame.

3/4 HP Motor for Chore-Time® Egg Collector

SKU: LM10339
3/4 HP Lincoln motor to power Chore-Time® egg collector system.

Potentiometer Kit

Replacement kit for Dart conrol box

Cumberland® Egg Table Controller

SKU: G07099510
Replacement controller for Cumberland egg tables.

Dart Egg Table Controller

SKU: 52581
Replacement Dart Controller for egg collection tables.

Control Board for Dart Controller

SKU: 253G-200C
Replacement control board with chassis for Dart controller 5281.

Shenandoah® Egg Table Controller

SKU: AGL16-500062
Replacement controller for new Shenadoah egg tables.

Shenandoah® Controller Circuit Board

SKU: 125DV-C
Replacement circuit board for old style metal Shenandoah controller part #16-102986.

Shennadoah® Controller Circuit Board

SKU: AGL16560167
Replacement circuit board for Shenandoah controller part #16-500062.