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LED Bulbs

LED lightbulbs for use in hog and poultry barns. Switching to LED bulbs can easily help reduce electrical costs during production while increasing productivity. Dimmable and non-dimmable options available, for new installations and retrofit applications.

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Hog Slat® Dimmable LED Bulbs

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat® dimmable LED bulbs. Available in 3000K and 5000K models.
From $12.02

AgriShift® MLM-Swine 10w LED Light Fixtures

Multiple SKUs available....
The AgriShift® MLM-Swine 10 watt LED fixture has Dim-to-Calm® technology that simulates the sunrise and sunset to reduce stress on your animals caused by sudden changes in light.
From $38.84

AgriShift® MLM-B 10W LED Fixture for Poultry

The AgriShift® MLM-B 10W LED was created as an animal welfare friendly retrofit solution for modern broiler and turkey poultry housing systems to increase bird performance while reducing electrical, maintenance and labor costs.

AgriShift® MLB 12W LED Fixture for Poultry

AgriShift® 12 watt MLB modular lights for broiler and turkey operations were created to help poultry operators significantly reduce electricity costs, decrease labor and maintenance costs, and increase flock performance.

AgriShift® MLL 12W LED Fixture for Layers/Breeders

AgriShift® MLL High light output 12W LED fixture Dim-to-Red® technology stimulates increased egg production as well as earlier and longer peak laying period.

6W LED A19 OMNI Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 42362
6W LED A19 OMNI dimmable bulb by Greenlite™.

6W LED A19 Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 48684
6W LED A19 dimmable bulb by Greenlite™ designed for agricultural environments.

7W LED A19 5000K Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 45165
7W 5000K LED dimmable bulb by Greenlite™. Perfect for replacing general household bulbs.

9W LED A19 Greenlite™ Bulbs

Multiple SKUs available....
9W Greenlite™ A19 LED bulbs, available in 2700K and 3000K options.
From $2.40

9W LED A19 Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulbs

Multiple SKUs available....
9W LED A19 dimmable bulbs by Greenlite™. Available in 2700K and 5000K.
From $2.99

11W LED A19 OMNI Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 45032
11W LED A19 OMNI dimmable bulb by Greenlite™.

12W 5000k LED A21 Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 36259
Shatterproof 12W 5000K LED light bulb. Damp location and enclosed fixture approved.
From $4.92

15W LED A19 OMNI Non-Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 48846
100W replacement in 15W A19 OMNI Dimmable LED perfect for multiple application from residential, commercial, industrial and even agricultural.

18W LED A21 OMNI Dimmable Greenlite™ Bulb

SKU: 42162
18W LED A21 OMNI dimmable bulb by Greenlite™.

Overdrive LED 6W 3000K Bulb - Dimmable

SKU: 751
Fully dimmable LED designed specifically for poultry housing with no fins to clog. 6W/3000K.
From $8.57

Overdrive LED 6W 5000K Bulb w/ Gasket - Dimmable

SKU: 732
Fully dimmable LED bulb is designed with a gasket at the base to be used in wet locations. 6W 5000K
From $8.22

Overdrive® LED 10W 2700K Non-Dimmable

SKU: 792
Overdrive® LED 10W 2700K non-dimmable light bulb.
From $6.07

Overdrive® LED 10W 5000K Non-Dimmable

SKU: 793
Overdrive® LED 10W 5000K non-dimmable light bulb.
From $6.07


SKU: 734
Fully dimmable LED designed specifically for poultry housing with no fins to clog. 10W 5000K.
From $9.88

Overdrive® EH80 14w LED Jelly Jar Replacement Light

SKU: 652
Overdrive® EH80 is a 14 watt LED light bulb with a specially designed fixture that replaces standard jar and bulb combinations.
From $20.60

Overdrive® 20w LED 5000K H80 Light Bulb

SKU: 665
Overdrive® 20 watt 5,000K LED H80 light bulb. E26 base, non-dimmable. 2700 lumens, comparable to 250W incandescent and 55W CFL bulbs.
From $19.52


SKU: S29835
SATCO LED bulb, dimmable. 10W 2700K