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Feeding Systems

Hog Slat stocks and manufactures solutions for your poultry and swine feeding needs.
Our GrowerSELECT® brand offers exceptional value and performance for your operation's equipment needs. We carry full selection of flexible auger, chain-disk, chain-feeding systems and parts to keep your pig, chicken and turkey feed systems operational. When it comes to your farm's feed systems, trust Hog Slat to provide the best products and service in the industry.
Micro SwitchesRelays and Contactors for hopper level and feed line controls are available under the Electrical Supplies section.

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Cablevey® 1-21/32" ID x 2-3/8" OD Washer

Replacement washer for Cablevey drive unit spocket (#CV100026)

Cablevey® 2" Proximity Recycler

Cablevey® 2" Proximity Recycler for cable and chain feed systems
From $411.78

Cablevey® Corner Idler Wheel

Cablevey® Corner Idler Wheel
From $85.56

Cablevey® Idler Wheel with Bushing

Replacement Idler wheel for Cablevey drive unit

Cablevey® Inner Corner Replacement Kit

Replacement kit for corner idler

Cablevey® Proximity Sensor Flat Pack

Cablevey® Proximity Sensor Flat Pack

Cablevey® Spocket

Replacement spocket for Cablevey drive unit

Cablevey® Spocket adaptor

Replacement adaptor for Cablevey drive unit spocket (#CV100026)

Cablevey® Tube Hold Down

Cablevey® Tube Hold Down
From $7.18

Classic Pullet Feeder - HS8010A

Complete GrowerSELECT® Classic Pullet Feeder, Model # HS8010A
From $10.84

Cumberland® Plastic Chick Feed Tray (50 Pack)

13-1/2"W x 21-1/4"L x 2"H. 50 trays per bundle.

Finish Feeders - Stainless Steel

Hog Slat finishing feeders are designed to feed pigs from 40 to 300 pounds.
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Grower SELECT® 90° Feed Chain Corner Cover

Replacement cover for GrowerSELECT® 90° chain feed corner.

Grower SELECT® 90° Feed Chain Corner Stand

GrowerSELECT® 90° corner stand for chain feed systems.

Grower SELECT® Adapter Weldment for Extension

GrowerSELECT® adapter weldment for feed line extensions. Galvanized metal construction.

Grower SELECT® Chain Corner Suspension Hanger

GrowerSELECT® chain feed system corner suspension hanger.

Grower SELECT® Feed Chain 90° Corner

GrowerSELECT® 90 degree corner for poultry feed chain systems. Includes suspension hanger.

Grower SELECT® Flat Proximity Sensor

Replacement flat proximity sensor for HS8501 chicken feed control pan and HS752 drop tube control.

Grow-Flex™ Flexible Feed Auger

Grow-Flex™ auger is engineered to be the strongest and most reliable flexible feed auger on the market today. Our innovative manufacturing process forges a stronger, more durable auger with superior flexing and breaking strength that outperforms standard auger.
From $1.14

Hog Slat® 8" Coupler Medium Wide Trough

8" coupler for medium wide chain feed system trough.

Hog Slat® Chain Feeder Trough Medium Wide 10'

Hog Slat® Medium Wide 18 gauge chain feeder trough for hens.

Hog Slat® Chain Feeder Trough Medium Wide 12'

Hog Slat® Medium Wide 18 gauge chain feeder trough for hens.

Hog Slat® Heavy Duty Chore Cart

Heavy duty rugged blue feed cart with extra thick plastic tub easily maneuvers barn isles carrying feed or pig care supplies.

Hopper Level Control Diaphragm

Replacement fabric diaphragm for Hopper Feed Level Control (HS597)