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Feeding Systems

Hog Slat stocks and manufactures solutions for your poultry and swine feeding needs.
Our GrowerSELECT® brand offers exceptional value and performance for your operation's equipment needs. We carry full selection of flexible auger, chain-disk, chain-feeding systems and parts to keep your pig, chicken and turkey feed systems operational. When it comes to your farm's feed systems, trust Hog Slat to provide the best products and service in the industry.
Micro SwitchesRelays and Contactors for hopper level and feed line controls are available under the Electrical Supplies section.

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Cumberland® Shear Pin

Hard Grade shear pin for chain feeder

Cumberland® Shear Pin

Soft Grade shear pin for chain feeder

Cumberland® Shear Pin

Medium Grade shear pin for chain feeder

Cumberland® Shear Pin

Hard Grade shear pin for chain feeder(pkg 50)

Cumberland® Sleeve, Chick Booster

Cumberland® Sleeve, Chick Booster

Cumberland® Trough Cap

Replacment trough cap for medium wide high profile chain feeder trough

Cumberland®Shear Pin

Medium Grade shear pin for chain feeder(pkg 50)

Grower SELECT® 156/130 RPM Auger Gear Head 7/8"

GrowerSELECT® 156/130 RPM auger gear head replacement.

Grower SELECT® Diaphragm Shield Only

Replacement diaphragm shield flapper for hopper level switch controls.

Grower SELECT® Direct Drive & Tube Anchor Kits

GrowerSELECT® Direct Drive and Tube Anchor for automatic flexible auger feed systems.
From $36.27

Grower SELECT® Extension Unloader Kits

GrowerSELECT® extension unloader kits for extending barn fill systems and installing flag lines off flexible auger fill systems to service multiple rooms or rows of feeders. Galvanized steel construction.
From $196.79

Grow-Flex™ Drag Auger Model 44

GrowerSELECT® Grow-Flex™ Model 44 drag auger for egg production feeding systems.

Hog Slat® Black Utility Cart

This narrow profile cart maneuvers through alleys and around tight corners. Great for various chores, including hauling feed, moving pigs or packing tools for a repair job.

Hog Slat® Ceiling Winch Drill Crank

Drill operated, painted metal cranking rod for ceiling winches.
From $7.45

Hog Slat® E-Z Clean Chain Disk Corner Wheel

Enable quick visual inspection and cleaning of corners in chain disk feeding systems with Hog Slat’s new E-Z Clean Corner.

Hog Slat® Feeder Clean-Out Rod

34" aluminum clean-out rod makes easy work of removing left over feed from hoppers and clearing trough openings.

Pax Chain Feeder Trough

Trough Hen 10' (Pax)

Pax Feeder Trough

Trough 12' Hen (Pax)

Piglet Feeder Stainless Steel

Constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel feeder features spring loaded J-clamp to fasten to flooring.
From $19.37

Piglet Feeder Stainless Steel w/ Plastic Dividers

Stainless Steel piglet feeder bowl with plastic dividers. Features spring loaded universal J-clamp to quickly secure to flooring.
From $19.17

Pivot Pin Assy

Replacement assy for 90° corner (G070097574C) for Cumberland chain feeder

Plastic Corner Cover

Replacement plastic cover for 90° corner (G07097574C) Cumberland chain feeder

Plastic Piglet Feeder

Sanitary plastic bowl and dividers for easy clean up between litters.
From $29.61

Rubber Mallet

Rubber mallet with wooden handle. Handy for assisting feed flow in bins with bridging issues and other tasks.
From $7.91