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Auger and Drops

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Quite Simply the Best Feed Auger on the Market!

Our Innovative Manufacturing Process Forges a Stronger, More Durable Auger.

Superior Flexing and Breakage Strength Outperforms Standard Auger

Coated with Oxidation Resistant Oil Finish after Manufacturing.

Click here to shop for GrowerSELECT® Sow Drop and Center Drop hog feeders, available in 12 pound and 8 pound capacity models.

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Hog Slat® Feed Tube Clamps - Zinc

Zinc feed tube clamps for connecting feed system pipe and unloader weldments in flexible auger systems.
From $2.02

Grow-Flex™ Flexible Feed Auger

Grow-Flex™ auger is engineered to be the strongest and most reliable flexible feed auger on the market today. Our innovative manufacturing process forges a stronger, more durable auger with superior flexing and breaking strength that outperforms standard auger.
From $1.11

Grow-Flex™ Drag Auger Model 44

GrowerSELECT® Grow-Flex™ Model 44 drag auger for egg production feeding systems.

Grower Select® Drag Auger Loop Connector

GrowerSELECT® connector for loop system drag auger. Fits HSFA-44D.

Grower SELECT® PVC Feed Tube 10' long

Grower SELECT® PVC Feed Tube 10' long
From $13.07

Grower SELECT® Feed Auger Tube Elbow

Grower SELECT® Feed Auger Tube Elbow
From $16.83

Grower SELECT® PVC Feed Tube Coupler

Grower SELECT® PVC Feed Tube Coupler for automatic feed systems
From $2.15

PVC Stepped Coupling M75

Coupling Stepped M75 auger tube to 2-1/2" PVC.

Grower SELECT® Drop Adaptors

Grower SELECT® Drop Adaptors. For Model 55, 75 & 90 feed systems
From $9.31

Grower SELECT® Drop Cone Kit

Translucent plastic drop cone kit for control unit without proximity switch hole.

Grower SELECT® Adjustable Drop Tube Assembly

Universal drop tube fits 2" feed pipe, 21" long with adjustable collar.
From $4.02

Grower SELECT® Drop Tube

Grower SELECT® Drop Tube for automatic feed systems
From $10.80

Grower SELECT® Collar for Adjustable Drop Tube

GrowerSELECT® replacement collar for adjustable drop tube.

Feed Drop Wye 3" x 3" x 3" Black

Black plastic feed drop wye. Fits M55 and M75 feed pipe.

Feed Drop Tube - Rubber

Flexible rubber tube used as the transition tubing from a feed drop to crate feed pipe. 2.5" ID X 2.6" OD. 50 feet roll.

Flexible Clear Plastic Feed Drop Tube Roll

Flexible clear plastic feed drop tubing. 10 mil thickness, 5-1/8" diameter. 440 feet per roll.


3" I.D. galvanized flexible drop tube. Sold per foot.


Galvanized Flexible Drop Tube 3.406" ID x 3.531" OD. Sold per foot.

4" Wire Drop Tube Pin

Wire pin allows for quick on/off attachment of drop tube to control drops