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Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations are a critical part of your farm's pest management plan. Whether you are targeting mice or rats, Hog Slat stocks several mice and rat bait stations to meet your needs. Options from Aegis® and JT Eaton™ include rodent bait stations with clear or solid colored lids, as well as the popular Top Loader™ station that can be staked to the ground or mounted along fencing, feed lines and other travel corridors that mice and rats frequently travel. 

After choosing the bait stations that meet your needs, be sure to stock up on effective quality rodenticides from Liphatech® and Motomco®, available in pellets, chunks and soft bait place packs.  

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Steel Anchor Stake for Rodent Bait Stations

10" steel anchor stakes to secure rodent bait stations.

JT Eaton Top Loader Bait Station

Versatile T-shaped bait station offers a wide range of options for bait placement when targeting mice and rats.
From $10.97

AEGIS® Bait Station, Locking

Key locking bait station create tamper proof placement of rodenticides.

AEGIS® Bait Station, Non-locking

Excellent choice when tamper resistance is not required.

Rat Station with Black Lid

Improves rat acceptance while protecting bait from non target species.

Rat Station with Clear Lid

Clear lid option that makes monitoring quick and easy.

Rat Station, White Cool Box

Cool white box reduces inside temperatures to increase rodent activity.

Mouse Station with Black Lid

See-through design encourages mice to enter station.

Mouse Station with Clear Lid

See-through design encourages mice to enter station.

JT Eaton™ Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Zinc plated multi-catch mouse trap with plastic top window. Allows you to catch multiple mice at one time.