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Windstorm Galvanized Fans

WindStorm galvanized metal exhaust fans are ideal for new construction, remodels and achieving increased CFM capacity when ventilation needs change in existing poultry barns. Available in a 36" direct drive box fan, 52" butterfly and 54" slant wall belt-driven size options to provide dependable ventilation rates all year long.

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Windstorm™ 54" Galvanized Slant Wall Fan

Windstorm™ 54" belt driven galvanized slant wall fan with cone and shutters. 1.5 HP 1725 RPM 120/240V
From $881.62

Windstorm™ 52" Butterfly Fan

High Capacity model delivers 29,000 cfm at .05 static pressure. Can be converted to High Efficiency model with conversion kit.
From $894.34

Windstorm™ 36" Box Fan

Windstorm™ 36 inch box fan. 60 Hz, 115/230V, pre-wired at 230V.

Grower SELECT® 1-1/2 HP 1725 RPM Fan Motor - High SF

GrowerSELECT® 1-1/2 HP 1725 RPM High Service Factor replacement motor for 52"-54" belt drive fans.

Hog Slat® 1" Pillow Block Shaft Bearing

Hog Slat® replacement pillow block bearing for 1" shafts with grease-able zerk.

Windstorm™ Fan Shafts

Replacement 1" x 11-1/2" long steel fan shafts, available in partial or full keyway options.
From $16.25

Windstorm™ Belt Tension Ider Pulley

Replacement idler pulley for Windstorm fans.

Windstorm™ Idler Pulley only

Replacement 3" pulley only for the Windstorm™ fan belt tension idler. (Item# SCISBT).

Windstorm™ Motor Pulley

Replacement motor pulley for Windstorm™ fan, high capacity model, 4.5" diameter.

WIndstorm™ Blade Pulley

Replacement blade pulley for High Capacity 52" Windstorm fan. 11" Diameter.

Windstorm™ Motor Pulley HE

Replacement motor pulley for Windstorm™ fan, High Efficiency model, 3.75" diameter.

Windstorm™ Blade Pulley, HE

Replacement blade pulley for High Efficiency 52" Windstorm fan. 10.25" Diameter.

Windstorm™ 52" High Efficiency Conversion Kit

Conversion kit turns the standard High Capacity Windstorm™ 52" butterfly fan into a High Efficiency model.

Windstorm™ Butterfly Shutter Springs

Replacement spring for Windstorm 52" fan butterfly shutter. 1/2" X 10.5" long.