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Attic and ceiling inlets represent an important component of your poultry or hog barn ventilation system. Attics contain warm air that can be pulled into your houses during cold months to help cut heating costs. It is critical to make sure incoming air is properly mixed with the barn environment to avoid chilling or not properly warming your animals. Cold animals don't perform well and leaky, improperly adjusted inlets will cost you money. Hog Slat offers a range of attic and sidewall inlet options to help you maximize the performance of your animals, their comfort and your bottom line. 

Installation components, hardware and accessories are located in the Curtain & Vent Accessories section.

Notice: Orders for multiple inlets will have to be shipped on a pallet via freight carrier. You will be contacted with an accurate shipping cost amount for approval after we receive the order.

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Hog Slat® Linear Actuator -24"

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat® Ventilation Linear Actuator -24"
From $368.84

Hog Slat® Linear Actuator Mounting Kit

SKU: HS667-01KIT
Mounting kit for the Hog Slat® linear actuator.

Single Sidewall Inlet 5.5" x 22.5"

Single sidewall inlet, self adjusting. 5.5"H x 22.5"L.

Hog Slat® Wall Inlet

SKU: 62990
Gravity flow inlet perfect for pre-heated or cooled hallways.

Hog Slat® Wall Inlet Weight & Bracket

Multiple SKUs available....
Replacement blue weight and bracket for Hog Slat® single wall inlet.
From $7.58

DirectAire Insulated Recessed Curved Sidewall Inlets

Multiple SKUs available....
The aerodynamic curved blade of the DirectAire Insulated Recessed sidewall vent directs fresh air along the ceiling peak for effective air mixing and provides enough velocity to reach the center of today's modern, wider poultry houses. Insulated blade helps prevent heat transfer.
From $73.57

Top Blade (4-Way Inlet)

Replacement top blade for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000)

Bottom Blade (4-Way Inlet)

Replacement bottom blade for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000)

Pivot Pin for Top Blade (4-Way Inlet)

Replacement top pivot pin for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000)

Pivot Pin for Bottom Blade (4-Way Inlet)

Replacement bottom pivot pin for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000)

Ceiling Inlet Insulation Board

Replacement insulation board for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000).

B1200 Raydot Polystyrene Replacement

SKU: BF-1200-1
Polystyrene replacement insert for B1200 Raydot.

Return Spring for Cable

SKU: HSAP-2877
Tension spring to allow automatic adjustments of ventilation inlets and return feed drop cables.

SS Suspension Cable Roll 1/8" - 400ft

SKU: HS17111
Stainless steel suspension cable roll for ventilation inlet and feed drop actuation. 1/8" diameter in 400' roll.

Replacement Load Nut for Linear Actuator

SKU: HS667-06
Replacement load nut for the Hog Slat HS667 series linear actuator.