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Fogger and Sprinkler Parts

Controls and components for fogging, sprinkler and soak down systems used in swine and poultry barns. Replacement foggers, nipples, sprayers, sprinklers, bushings and tubing are available to repair, add or replace existing units. 

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Drip System Control With 24 HR Timer

Drip system control panel with 24 hour timer.

Drip System Control

Drip system control panel with thermostat and 30 minute duty cycle.

Edstrom® C-110S Sprayer Control

Easy to use controller regulates showering and internal cycles in spray and drip livestock cooling systems.

Edstrom® Temperature Probe

Temperature probe with 25' cable for Edstrom® controllers.

Edstrom® Spray Cool Electrical Valve Fliter Kit

Electric Valve/Filter Kit for Edstrom® Spray-Cool systems.

Edstrom® Drip Cool Electrical Valve & Filter Kit

Electrical Valve & Filter Kit for Edstrom® Drip Cool Systems.

Visions Econo-Cool Sprayer Control

Automatic system to control flow of water based on time and temprature setting you choose.

VisionsTransformer with Power Cord

Replacement 12v Transformer for ECS500

Pre Soak Controller

Automate your pre soaker system to save time and money

PVC Plumbing Solenoid Assembly w/ Bypass

PVC plumbing solenoid assembly with manual ball valve bypass. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally without affecting operation. Available in 3/4" or 1" PVC.
From $123.18

1" Solenoid Valve

110 V, Normally Closed pre-wired 1" solenoid valve.

Solenoid Valve Coil Only

Replacement coil for 1" solenoid valve (Item # 60361).

1/2" Blue Tube

100' Roll. Use as main lines for dripper and spray systems.

5/8" Nylon Loop Clamp

Bag Of 30

1/2" X 1/2" Nylon Barb

1/2" X 1/2" Nylon Barb

1/2" Barb Tee

1/2" Barb Tee

1/2" Drain Plug

Plug Drain 1/2'' Barb Drip System

5/32 Hole Punch

5/32 Hole Punch

5/32" Goof Plug

5/32" Goof Plug for drip line supply hose

Edstrom Spray Tee Assembly

Tee shaped sprayer assembly with barbed ends for Edstrom spray system. 0.5 GPM

Mist Emitter

5 GPH at 15 PSI

Drip Nozzle

Drip nozzle for sow cooling systems. Flow rate of 1 GPH at 15 PSI. Package of 20 nozzles.

1/8" Drip Tubing

100' Roll. Cut to length for drop lines on dripper systems.

1/2" Soak Down Sprinkler - Standard

1/2" standard soak down sprinkler. Covers 20' ft area.