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Repair and replacement parts for Burch Industries models 4000, 6000, 9000, 13000, 18000 and 24000 egg coolers. 

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Burch Capacitor Model 6000

Replacement capacitor for Model 6000 Burch egg coolers.

Burch Capacitor Model 9000-15e

Replacement capacitor for Model 9000-15e Burch egg cooler.

Burch Humidifier Pan Replacement

Replacement humidifier pan for Burch egg coolers.
From $79.35

Burch Egg Cooler Motor Replacements

Burch Egg Cooler Inside and Outside Motor Replacements
From $129.84

Burch Egg Room Cooler Humidifier Element

Replacement egg room cooler humidifier element for Burch egg coolers.
From $201.64

Burch Egg Room Cooler Room Heater Element

Replacement egg room heating element for Burch Industries egg coolers.
From $94.28

Burch Egg Cooler Compressors

Burch Egg Cooler Compressors
From $713.37

Burch Fan Blade Replacements

Burch Egg Cooler Fan Blade Replacements
From $26.17