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Ditek Surge Protectors

Hog Slat stocks a complete line of Ditek surge protectors to help protect the expensive and delicate electrical equipment on your farm with AFFORABLE surge protection options to cover all areas where power surge damage can occur. 

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Surge Arrestor 120/240VAC

SKU: DTK-120/240CM+
DITEK's 120/240CM+ is a durable, cost-effective Surge Protective Device (SPD) suitable for use in a variety of locations.

HD2 120/240VAC ATS/Generator Surge Protector

SKU: DTK-120/240HD2
DITEK’s HD2 is engineered to be the finest 120/240V surge protector in its class.

D50 Series Main Panel Surge Protector 120/240VAC

DITEK’s 50kA industrial surge protectors are designed to provide protection to AC power systems in the most demanding environments.

HW Series Surge Protectors for Controllers

Multiple SKUs available....
Ditek HW Series Surge Protectors for Controllers
From $63.08

Hardwire Control Panel Surge Protector 120VAC

A true multi-stage series hybrid design which provides the best filtering and lowest clamp levels in its class

Telephone Module Surge Protectors

Multiple SKUs available....
Ditek Telephone Module Surge Protectors
From $89.10

Voice/Data Low Voltage Surge Protector

The 4LVTEP protects commercial entry systems that utilize telco and data circuits.

Alarm Dialer Plug-In Surge Protector Telephone

DITEK's MRJ31XSCPWP protects fire and security system dialer circuits.

Ethernet RJ45 CAT5e Data Surge Protector

The MRJ45C5E provides protection of high speed data, up to CAT5e, without degrading the data signal.