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Micro Switches

Micro switches for feed and ventilation system components. 

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20 AMP Control Switch - Pan, Hopper, Fill Systems

20 AMP Control Switch for Pan, Hopper, Fill Systems
From $13.05

Hog Slat® Manual/Auto Push Switch SPDT

Replacement switch for AT Newell curtain machines.

Limit Switch Micro BA-2RB-A2

Micro limit switch BA-2RB-A2. 2 needed per machine.

Magnetic Switch Actuator for Winslow Weigh Scales

Magnetic switch actuator replacement for Chore-Time® Weigh-Matic™ Winslow Scale and Cumberland® Tank Scale.

Micro Switch 20 Amp 250VAC Straight Lever

20 Amp 250VAC straight lever 2 terminal micro switch.

Micro Switch Poultry Control Pans

Micro switch for poultry feed line control pans.

Micro Switch Short Style

Short button style micro switch for Chore-Time® and Cumberland® control pans.

Micro Switch Tall Button Unimax A23

Unimax A23 tall button micro switch for Chore-Time® hopper level control.

Micro Switch Unimax with Roller

Micro switch with roller for Chore-Time® direct drive control units. Unimax AA-421.

Paddle Switch for Hopper Level Control

Paddle switch for GSI® hopper level control, model number 07051400.

Proximity Switch for Winslow Weigh Scales

Replacement proximity switch for Winslow Weigh Scales.

Safety Limit Switch Flex-Flo Control Unit

Safety limit switch for AP®/Cumberland® Flex-Flo control unit.

Snap Action Limit Switch 15 Amp

Snap action limit switch with simulated roller for Hired Hand® Powertrak and Agri-Ventilation systems curtain/vent actuator machine.

Snap Action SPDT Micro Switch for Linear Lift

Snap-action SPDT micro switch for linear lifts. Fits Chore-Time® Linear Lift 800.

Whisker Switch Spinks Bin Scale

Replacement whisker switch for Spinks feed bin scale.

Harkins Hopper Level Control

Simple, effective hanging switch to control feed levels in poultry feed line hoppers.

Mirco Switch Push Button 15 AMP

Replacement switch for Harkins hopper level control (52201) and Unimax control.

Harkins Plastic Control Box with Lid

Replacement plastic box with lid for Harkin Hopper Level Control (52201)

Harkins Rubber Boot

Replacement rubber boot for Harkins hopper switch and mirco switch EL0998.