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DIY Gates & Repair Items

Hog Slat manufactures a wide selection of gating panel posts, clips and latches to meet your hog penning needs. Available in a galvanized or powder coated paint finish to match your existing equipment and provide years of service. 

Choose our DIY Cut & Weld gating panels when you need to make a custom sized panel for your barn. Available in two convenient sizes, you can easily adjust the end upright to make the desired length, cut off un-needed material and then weld into place.  Finish by using our assorment of latches, clips, brackets and posts to have a long lasting custom solution for your gating panel needs. 

Notice: Freight calculations for large order quantities at checkout are an estimation only. Large orders of these items will be palletized, and sent via freight carrier truck. We will contact you with exact freight costs after receiving your order if they are different from what is calculated at checkout.

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Hog Slat Blue Spray Paint

SKU: 59722
Touch up paint that color matches the blue used on factory built Hog Slat gates and penning equipment.

Rust-Oleum® Galvanizing Compound Spray

SKU: 9970000006
Touch up galvanized surfaces with Rust-Oleum® galvanizing compound spray in a convenient 20 ounce spray can.

Cut and Weld Gate Panel

Multiple SKUs available....
31-1/2" tall DIY panels allow producers to custom build gates for every need.
From $201.00

Panel Uprights

Multiple SKUs available....
Panel Uprights for swine penning and gating repair
From $8.00

1" x 19-1/2" pipe

SKU: 9101000502
Weld pipe between clips to prevent pigs from accessing drop rods.

8" x 16" Base Plate

SKU: 2001450000
Base component of Assemble & Weld post. Multiple pre-punch mounting slots aid in attaching plate to flooring.

2" x 2" Tube for Posts

Multiple SKUs available....
Select 30" Tall when building Assemble & Weld posts for finishing and nursery panels.
From $29.00

Post Gusset

SKU: 5001800000
Weld gusset along side of Assemble and Weld posts to strength.

Plastic Cap for 2" Post

SKU: 8221200000
Plastic snaps on top of 2" x 2" Assemble and Weld post to prevent water from entering.

1" x 3" Pipe

SKU: 9101000511
Weld pipe under bottom of divider clip to prevent pigs access to the drop rods.

Single Hole Gate Clip

SKU: 2011000000
Use single hole clips on gate ends.

Two Hole Aisle Clips

SKU: 5301140000
Use double hole clips at aisle end of divider panels.

Flat Bar Clip

SKU: 1274060000
Use flat bar clip at aisle end of divider panels with flipper type latch systems

Two Hole Angle Divider Clips

SKU: 8954300000
Use Angle Divider Clips at aisle end of divider panels with flipper type latch systems.

Flipper Latch

SKU: 8951860101
Use flipper latch to hold latch clips in angle divider clip.

3" Top Latch Clip

SKU: 2011060000
3" top latch clip used with flipper latch gate systems. Unpainted.

3-1/2" Bottom Latch Clip

SKU: 2011070000
3-1/2" bottom latch clip used with flipper latch gate systems. Unpainted.

1/4" V-bolt (Zinc)

SKU: 60647
1/4" V-bolt, Zinc plated.

1/4" Locknut (Zinc)

SKU: 60680
1/4"-20 nylon lock nut. Zinc plated.

1/4" V-bolt (Stainless)

SKU: 60647S
1/4" V-bolt, stainless steel.