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Hog Slat offers a complete line of economical hog penning and gating equipment. Penning features 1/8" x 1-1/2" top angle, solid 1/2" horizontal rod and a beefy 3/4" solid rod bottom rail. 2" uprights are standard, with 1-1/2" available on request.

A complete line of bolt-on legs, posts and other fasteners offer producers a truly modular system that can be configured to any style of pen design.

Click here to learn more about our steel penning and gating equipment and how it is manufactured. 

Hog Slat penning is available in the following standard sizes:

Size Purpose
31.5" - 7 rod Nursery
36" - 8 rod Special Wean/Finish
40" - 6 rod Standard Gestation/Breeding
40" - 9 rod Special Gestation for Wean/Gilt Development
Hog Slat Penning