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Electric Livestock Prods

Hog Slat carries a complete line of battery powered and rechargeable electric livestock prods from Hot Shot®, DuraProd®, and SharpShock. We carry a full line of replacement motors, batteries, flexible and rigid shafts in stock and ready to ship. 

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DuraProd® 110V Wall Charger

DuraProd 110V base charger with wall plug adapter for use with rechargeable battery pack.

Hot Shot® Hi Akaline Batteries

Type C batteries for Hot Shot electric livestock prod handles. PRICED PER BATTERY.

Sharpshock® Battery Tube & Charger

Sharpshock® rechargeable battery tube and wall charger.

Sharpshock® Standard Handle

Standard Sharpshock® handle comes complete with (4) "C" batteries.

DuraProd® 12V Vehicle Charger Base

DuraProd 12V vehicle charger base for use with rechargeable battery packs.

Hot Shot® Rechargeable Battery Pack

Hot Shot rechargeable battery pack for use with Green and Red handled electric livestock prods.

DuraProd® Rechargeable Battery Kit

DuraProd rechargeable kit comes with rechargeable battery pack, charger base and 110V wall outlet and 12V vehicle outlet adapters.

Sharpshock® Handle with Battery Tube & Charger

Sharpshock® handle features removable rechargeable battery tube and comes standard with wall charger.

DuraProd® Rechargeable Battery Pack

DuraProd rechargeable battery pack.

Hot Shot® 110 Volt Wall Charger/Adapter

110V wall charger for use with Green and Red Hot Shot rechargeable electric livestock prod handles.

DuraProd® Alkaline Battery Pack

Alkaline battery pack for DuraProd® electric livestock prods.

DuraProd® Battery Powered Handle

DuraProd® battery powered electric livestock prod. Handle Unit Only.

Hot Shot® 12 Volt Vehicle Charger/Adapter

12V vehicle charger for Hot Shot rechargeable livestock prod handles.

DuraProd® Rechargeable Handle

DuraProd® rechargeable electric livestock prod. Handle only.

Sharpshock® Rechargeable Handle & Charger

Rechargeable Sharpshock® handle comes standard with wall charger.

Hot Shot® Power Mite™

Compact, lightweight livestock prod for close contact work.