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Loading Chutes

Portable and stationary pig loading chutes for finishing barns, nursery barns, sow farms and other swine farm production buildings.

Permanent loading chutes are available with manual or electric winches, as well as a hydraulic arm lifting system adjustment options. Permanent loading chutes can be purchased with choices between an interior or exterior walkway. 

All portable loading chutes can be moved from one barn to the next as needed for loading and unloading pigs from live haul trailers. Portable chutes all feature inside walkways and manual winch level adjustsments. 

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Hog Slat® Load Chute Ground Lift Unit

Hog Slat® ground lift I-beam unit for standard permanent style pig loading chutes. Accepts manual or electric winching kits (sold separately).

Hog Slat® Load Chute Winch Kit - Manual

Manual hand operated winch kit for adjusting pig loading chutes.

Hog Slat® Load Chute Winch Kit - Electric

Electric winch kit for adjusting pig loading chutes.

1/4" High Test Steel Safety Chain

1/4" high-test steel safety chain for pig loading chutes.

Hog Slat® Speed Crank for Load Chute

Hog Slat® speed crank attaches to a standard drill and allows the user to quickly adjust hand crank winches on swine load chutes.

3-1/2" Cast Iron Pulley

3-1/2" cast iron pulley wheel with steel straps for curtain and feed line systems.

1/4" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 19

1/4" galvanized 7x19 extra flexible aircraft cable.
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1/4" Galvanized Cable Clamp

1/4" Galvanized Curtain Cable Clamp