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Electrical Supplies

Electrical supplies for repair and new installations around your operation. Hog Slat carries an extensive selection of cords, wires, plugs, receptacles, switches, fittings, pipe, straps and more. 

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Single Gang 3" Deep Box Double Access

Single gang receptacle box. 3" deep, double access, 1" with 3/4" bushings.

Duplex Receptacle Cover - Double Door

PVC double receptacle gang cover. UL listed for wet locations. Non-corrosive and non-conductive.

Horizontal Duplex Weatherproof Outlet Cover

Horizontal duplex weatherproof outlet cover. Comes with gasket and mounting screws. 110 v.

Tee Fittings w/ Access Conduit PVC

Tee fittings with access cover. Conduit PVC construction.
From $4.06

Lb Access Fittings Conduit

Lb Access Fittings Conduit
From $3.49

Junction Boxes with Lid & Gasket

Junction Boxes with Lid & Gasket
From $10.14

Receptacle Cover Blank Gray Waterproof

Waterproof gray receptacle cover with gasket and stainless steel screws.

Conduit Pipe 10' Schedule 40

Conduit Pipe 10' Schedule 40
From $3.30

Receptacle Cover Blank Gray Single Gang

Single gang gray blank receptacle cover. 2 stainless steel screws.

Waterproof Clear Bubble Single Receptacle

Clear, bubble-type waterproof single receptacle. Comes with gaskets and mounting screws.