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The durable and dependable line of AirStorm fiberglass and Windstorm galvanized metal exhaust, tunnel and stir fans provide multiple options for poultry and swine producers to achieve the ventilation and air-flow requirements they need to successfuly raise and keep their livestock comfortable. 

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Aerotech®/Munters® Prop Fastener

Prop fastener for Aerotech®/Munters® 14" to 28" fans. 1/2" diameter 7/8" length.

AirStorm™ 18" Fan without Cone

The 18" AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan includes fan unit and matching PVC shutter. Optional discharge cone available for purchase separately.

American Coolair® Fan Single Row Ball Bearing

Single row ball bearing for American Coolair® 48" NBF fans.

AP® Trans Tork Nut for Airstream Fan Shaft

5/8" bore, trans tork nut for Airstream fan shaft. Outside diameter = .8574

Belt Tightener Spring 48" Fan

Replacement belt tightener spring for 48" fans.

Fan Cord SJ 14/3 9' 220V

Fan cord SJ 14/3 for 36" box fan. 9 feet long. 220V

Fan Pully Disc 48" & 54" Coolair® NBF

Fan pulley disc for American Coolair® 48" and 54" NBF fans. Fits models CANBF48 and CANBFA54.

Fan Shaft 1"

Fan shaft 1"

Galvanized Prop 3 Blade for 36" Box Fan

Galvanized 3 blade prop for 36" Windstorm™ box fans. 0.625" shaft OD.

Hog Slat® Spring Tension Plate 48" Fan

Replacement spring tension plate for 48" fans.

Partially Keyed Fan Shaft 1" x 18"

Partially keyed fan shaft, 1" x 18".

Shutter PVC 27-3/4" x 27-3/4"

Replacement PVC fan shutter with PVC frame.

Shutter PVC 27-5/8" x 27-5/8"

Replacement PVC fan shutter with PVC frame

Shutter PVC 9-7/8" x 9-7/8"

PVC fan shutter with 9" louvers.

Single Row Fan Bearing 25mm

Dixie single row fan bearing 25mm.
From $3.91

Taper Lock Bushing 1"

Taper lock bushing for 48" fan prop with 1" bore.
From $31.49

V-BELT 1/2" X 46" COGGED

Type AX Cogged Belt Length inside plus 2"= Outside


Type A Belt Length inside plus 2"= Outside

V-BELT 1/2" X 51" COGGED

Type AX Cogged Belt Length inside plus 2"= Outside

V-Belt 1/2" x 65" Cogged

Type AX Cogged Belt Length inside plus2"=outside.

V-Belt 3/8" x 40" Cogged Deep Wedge

Fan V-Belt 3/8" x 40" Cogged Deep Wedge

Windstorm™ 54" Galvanized Slant Wall Fan

Windstorm™ 54" belt driven galvanized slant wall fan with cone and shutters. 1.5 HP 1725 RPM 120/240V
From $881.62

Windstorm™ Stir Fans

Windstorm™ stir fans available in 4 different sizes; 12", 20", 24" and 36". Great for mixing air in poultry and swine barns.
From $169.00

Hog Slat® V-Belt 1/2" X 26"

Hog Slat® replacement V-Belt for scraper system gear drive and AT Newell curtain machine.