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The durable and dependable line of AirStorm fiberglass and Windstorm galvanized metal exhaust, tunnel and stir fans provide multiple options for poultry and swine producers to achieve the ventilation and air-flow requirements they need to successfuly raise and keep their livestock comfortable. 

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Wind Diverter Kit 36"

36" wind diverter kit with stainless steel brackets for AirStorm and other 36" fans.

Windstorm™ Fan Shafts

Replacement 1" x 11-1/2" long steel fan shafts, available in partial or full keyway options.
From $19.44

Bearing Spacer for Coolair® NBF & NCF Fans

Bearing spacer for American Coolair® NBF and NCF belt drive fans.

Grower SELECT® 24" Poly Pit Fan Transition

GrowerSELECT® 24" poly fit fan transition for deep pit ventilation.

Poly Exhaust Fan Covers

Fan covers seal ventilation exhaust fans to prevent heat and energy loss during the colder winter months.
From $22.35

11" Dia x 1" Bore Fan Pulley AK114

Fan pulley 11" dia. 1" bore.

Exhaust Fan Covers

Durable fan covers prevent heat and energy loss during colder weather.
From $42.73

Multifan® Motor Boots - Set of 3

Set of 3 boots for Multifan® motor.

Butterfly Fan Ring w/o Doors

Butterfly fan shutter ring without doors for 52" Schaefer exhaust fans.

Standard Male Plug Cord Sets

Standard Male Plug Cord Sets. Available in 110V, 120V and 220V options in 9 feet or 12 feet lengths. Stranded copper wire leads.
From $11.49

HS783 Replacement Batteries (LR41-AG3 1.5V)

Replacement batteries for the HS783 Hog Slat Laser Fan Pulley Alignment Kit.

Grower SELECT® 1-1/2 HP 1725 RPM Fan Motor - High SF

GrowerSELECT® 1-1/2 HP 1725 RPM High Service Factor replacement motor for 52"-54" belt drive fans.

Hog Slat® 1" Pillow Block Shaft Bearing

Hog Slat® replacement pillow block bearing for 1" shafts with grease-able zerk.

Windstorm™ Belt Tension Ider Pulley

Replacement idler pulley for Windstorm fans.

3" Idler Pulley Only

Replacement 3" pulley only for the Windstorm™ fan belt tension idler. (Item# SCISBT).

Windstorm™ Motor Pulley

Replacement motor pulley for Windstorm™ fan, high capacity model, 4.5" diameter.

WIndstorm™ Blade Pulley

Replacement blade pulley for High Capacity 52" Windstorm fan. 11" Diameter.

Windstorm™ Motor Pulley HE

Replacement motor pulley for Windstorm™ fan, High Efficiency model, 3.75" diameter.

Windstorm™ Blade Pulley, HE

Replacement blade pulley for High Efficiency 52" Windstorm fan. 10.25" Diameter.

Windstorm™ 52" High Efficiency Conversion Kit

Conversion kit turns the standard High Capacity Windstorm™ 52" butterfly fan into a High Efficiency model.

Windstorm™ Butterfly Shutter Springs

Replacement spring for Windstorm 52" fan butterfly shutter. 1/2" X 10.5" long.

1" Flange Bearing for Chore-Time® Fans

2 hole 1" flange bearing for Chore-Time® fans.

Full Keyed Fan Shaft 1" x 18"

Fully keyed fan shaft. 1" x 18"

Torque Nuts

Transtorque nuts for securing fan props to direct drive motor shaft.
From $34.57