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Cooling & Ventilation

In addition to the comfort and performance of your animals, your farm's bottom line can be significantly increased by proper ventilation in your barns. For your cool cell needs, choose our GrowerSELECT® EVAP System, H2Pad and TEGO tunnel doors to maximize cooling efficiency.

To help control air flow we offer a variety of curtain sizes, materials and machines as well as multiple inlet options. For monitoring your growing environment, we offer a complete selection of alarms, controls, thermostats, timers and testing equipment.

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Alarm Siren

30watt, 12 VDC, 1 amp siren used the alarm systems

Murphy Water Switch

Low Water Pressure Switch activates alarm when water pressure drops below adjustable range of 0-30 PSI.

Phason® Fan and Heater Control

Prevent heat waste by interlocking variable speed fan with heater

Phason® Manual Variable Speed Fan Control

Simple manual speed control for fans. Can be used as a heat lamp control too.

Phason® MTC-4C Auto Variable Speed Fan Control

The MTC-4C Modulating Temperature Control allows you to automatically control ventilation fans according to the ambient temperature.

Phason® Repair Kit

Combination repair kit for Phason® FHC-1D

Poly Ridgevent

Rust-proof polyethylene ridgevent can be use as a inlet or exhuast.

Rechargable Alarm Battery

Replacement battery for Pro Tech

Rechargable Alarm Battery

Replacement battery for Agri-Alert, 7 amp, 12 volt

Ridg-Vent® Roof Vents

Ridg-Vent® Roof Vents for ventilation and cooling
From $230.63

Sensaphone® Model 400

Inexpensive Dialer with 4 configurable inputs monitors a facility in the operators absence. It continues to dial until someone responds to the call.

Sensaphone® Model 800

Inexpensive Dialer with 8 configurable inputs monitors a facility in the operators absence. It continues to dial until someone responses to the call.

Temparture Probe

Moisture proof 12' temperature probe sensor for Sensaphone® Alarm dialers.

Thermalarm Temperature Gauge

Thermalarm Temperature Gauge - Critical Temperature gauge in normally open or normally closed models.
From $54.23

Water Alarm Switch

Preset to trigger alarm when water pressure drops below 10 psi. Use with alarm systems

Grower SELECT® Cool Cell 10' Trough Cover

10' cool cell trough cover sections for GrowerSELECT® EVAP systems.


KESTREL WIND-TEMP-HUMIDITY METERS for poultry and swine houses
From $24.42

Edstrom® C-110S Sprayer Control

Easy to use controller regulates showering and internal cycles in spray and drip livestock cooling systems.

Grower SELECT® Sprinkler Assemblies

Low pressure rotating sprinkler drop assemblies for poultry barns.
From $15.12

Hi Flo 3/4 HP Wet End Evap System Pump

Hi Flo 3/4 HP wet end pump for evaporative cooling system.


General® Tools Non-Contact Laser Tachometer is ideal for measuring RPMs on high speed motors.

Economy Laser Thermometer

minus 67 to 430 deg temperature range with backlit ditigal display. Features min/max capture mode.

Grower SELECT® Cool Cell Trough Coupler

Splice coupler for GrowerSELECT® cool cell trough.

Hog Slat® Linear Actuator Mounting Kit

Mounting kit for the Hog Slat® linear actuator.