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JanAire curtain systems use PolyVent material that is inflated and deflated to open and close the sidewalls of your hog or poultry barn. They seal tight and provide an insulation effect to keep barns warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, while also allowing natural sunlight to brighten the barn interior. JanAire systems are easily maintained and function without the use of ropes, pulleys, winches or limit switches. 

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Blower Motor 1/40 HP 115V

Replacement 1/40 HP 115V blower motor for JanAire curtain systems.

3' Polyvent Bag

Replacement polyvent for JanAire system.

3" x 3' Black Flex Hose

3" x 3' black flexible supply hose for JanAire curtain system.

4' Polyvent Bag

Replacement polyvent for JanAire system.

5' Polyvent Bag

Replacement polyvent for JanAire system.

Air Transfer Gasket

Replacement gasket for JanAire system

JanAire Blower Motor

Replacement blower motor for JanAire system.

Poly Patch

Repair tape for Polyvent bag for JanAire system.

Tether Kit

Replacement tether kit for JanAire system. 1 per 120'