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Medicator Pumps

Hog Slat stocks the most popular brands and sizes of medicators for your farm along with replacement parts to keep them running.  Our selection of Dosatron®, Chemilizer™ and Gator-XL™ medicators are in stock and ready to ship!

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Stennicator Black Roller Assembly

Replacement black roller assembly for Stennicator and Integrator pumps.

Chemilizer™ Motor Repair KIt

Complete kit of common wear parts to repair the Chemilizer water motor

Stennicator White Roller Assembly

Replacement white roller assembly for Stenner pumps.

Chemilizer™ I/O Valve Assembly

Replacement I/O Asssy for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Stenner Classic Feed Rate Control Service Kit

Feed rate control service kit for Stenner Classic Adjustable Rate pumps.

Chemilizer™ Medication Hose Assy

Replacement Medication Hose assembly for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Pivot Arm

Replacement Pivot Arm for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Tension Bands

Replacement Tension Bands for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Actuator Arm Assembly

Replacement Actuator Arm assembly for Chemilizer™ injectors. (CH9000-209)

Stenner 1/4" Flow Indicator with Bracket

Visual reference to confirm solution is pumping; bracket (not shown) secures vertical installation.

Chemilizer™ Inlet/Outlet Valve O-Ring

Replacement O-ring for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209) Inlet/Outlet valve

Stenner 3/8" Connecting Nut

3/8" replacement connecting nut. Fits all models of Stenner pumps requiring 3/8" nuts. Priced/sold each.

Chemilizer™ Motor Piston Clip

Replacement Motor Piston Clip for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Diaphragm

Replacement Diaphragm for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Body Cap O-Ring

Replacement Body Cap O-RIng for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Main Body O-Ring

Replacement O-Ring for Chemilizer™ main body (CH9000-209).

Chemilizer™ Twist Air Vent

Replacement Air Vent for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Top Cap

Replacement Top Cap for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Top Body Assembly

Replacement Top Body Assembly for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Bottom Cap

Replacement Cap Bottom for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Main Body Assembly

Replacement Main Body assembly for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Outlet Tee Assembly

Replacement Outlet Tee Assy for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ Tee Inlet Assy

Replacement Tee Inlet Assy for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209)

Chemilizer™ 10-32 Nut

Replacement 10-32 nut for Chemilizer™ (CH9000-209) medicator.