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Plasson® Broiler Drinker Complete

Plasson drinkers are made of a durable high-impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the environment of an active broiler house for many years.

PLS-2400 MR4 Manual Digital Light Dimmer

2400 watt manual digital light dimmer compatible with all dimmable LED bulbs.

Premium Chick Feed Tray - Red Plastic

Premium quality chick starter feed tray molded from red plastic.

Servus® Northerner Series Ladies Boot - Navy

Ideal for farm and chore use, the Northerner series boot is 100% waterproof and features proprietary compounds for durability and extended wear.
From $26.49

Solaira™ SMaRT 34A & 16A DV Heater Controls

Solaira SMaRT controllers allow users to variably control Alpha electric heater output to maximize comfort levels.
From $326.00

Tek-Trol Disinfectant - 1 Gallon

Tek-Trol® is the standard used to judge other swine and poultry disinfectants. 1 gallon.
From $28.96

Waxed Thread for Egg Belt - 27 Yards

27 yard spool of waxed thread for sewing, splicing and repairing egg belt material.

21" 240 V Cord Set Feed Line & Control Pan

21" cord set for feed line and control pan assemblies. 240 volt with s-hook and pre-wired terminal connectors.

3/16" Plastic Azuma Curtain Nut

3/16" blue plastic Azuma style curtain cord nut. The split-bolt design allows barn curtain/vent drop cords to be attached to the main control line without tying knots.

4 Wheel Carcass Cart with 2 Speed Winch

Avoid injury and make hog carcass removal a safer and easier process with the 4 wheel carcass cart.

4" Snap Hooks - Double Ended - Nickle Plated

Overall length 4" double ended snap hooks, nickle plated. 1/2" mouth opening. Priced/sold each.

50cc Adjustable Syringe with Pistol Grip

Roux style syringe featuring cast aluminum pistol grip with high impact plastic barrel and adjustable settings from 1cc to 5cc.

AirStorm™ 14" Fan without Cone

The 14" AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan includes fan unit and matching PVC shutter. Optional discharge cone available for purchase separately.

Airstream® 36" Curtain Controller Machines

Airstream® 36" Curtain and feed drop Controller Machines.
From $973.70

ASI Pit Slammers™

ASI Pit Slammers™ are designed to slip into the slatted floors of deep and shallow pit buildings to digest organic wastes naturally and effectively.
From $9.51

Brass Swivel Adapter - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" FGHT

Brass swivel adapter with 3/4" FGHT fitting that reduces to 1/2" FPT.


Non-reversible temperature monitoring dot for use in breaker boxes. Appropriate indicator turns black once exposed to corresponding temperature. 10 pieces per pack.

Cablevey® Cable Connector

Cablevey® Cable Connector
From $59.62

Chemilizer™ Adjustable Ratio Medicator

The original diaphragm medicator. Adjustable mixing ratios from 1:50 to 1:164 gives you a wider flow rate to use with cleaners and water treatments.

Clear Washer

Replacement washer for plumbing kit (Item # 56559).

Dust Filter Gasolec® G12 Brooder

Dust filter to fit Gasolec® G12 brooder heater.

DYNOFAN™ 14" Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Fan - Black

Wall mount, non-oscillating fan features durable steel construction, 3 speed options, an OSHA approved grille and 9' long power cord. 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
From $64.79

Egg Belt Sewing Thread - 1 Pound Spool

1 pound spool of waxed sewing thread for egg belt.

FARMSTEAD "Flex" 22 LB Metal Chicken Feeder

Our 22 pound capacity "Flex" metal chicken feeder can be used free standing by extending the fold out legs or hanging by using the built-in handle.