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Filters are an important part of all the plumbing systems around your farm. Hog Slat stocks a variety of filters and housings for your cool cell, drinker line, medicator line and water line application needs. 

Mesh Size to Micron Chart
What does mesh size mean?
Mesh size equals the number of
openings per linear inch. A 100-mesh 
screen has 100 openings per linear inch.
A higher number equals a finer screen.

What is a micron?
A micron is a measurement of particle
size. 1/25,000 of an inch. A smaller filter
number will screen finer particles.  
Mesh Microns Typical Material Removed
60 250 Fine Sand
100 150 Sediment
200 74 Rust Flakes
325 44 Clay Particles
400 37 Silt
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20 Mesh Screen for 1-1/2" In-Line Filter

20 mesh screen for 1-1/2" in-line cool cell filter.

Big Blue Water Filter

Big Blue Water Filter for drinking systems
From $2.40

Big Bubba® 20 Micron Replacement Filter

20 micron pleated replacement filter for Big Bubba® filtration system.

Big Bubba® Non-Metallic Filter Housing

The Big Bubba filter housings are made of rugged glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust, or dent.

Jumbo Blue Filter Water Housing

Jumbo Blue housing is manufactured from reinforced polypropylene and utilizes larger 4" diameter filter.

Ozark Brand Heavy Duty Complete Water Filter

Heavy duty water filter housing. Clear sump housing for easy filter inspection. No filter included.

Pleated Water Filter Cartridges

Pleated Water Filter Cartridges
From $11.60

Polystring Filter Cartridges

Polystring Water Filter Cartridges
From $3.60

Rusco™ 1-1/2" T Style Filter

1-1/2" inlet/out Rusco™ T-Style water filter with 12 mesh screen and 1/2" threaded ball valve flush.

Rusco™ Spin-Down Sun-Shield Black 1-1/2"

Black sun-shield for Rusco™ 1-1/2" Spin-Down filter housings.

Rusco™ Spin-Down™ T-Style Filter

Rusco™ Spin-Down™ T-Style Filter
From $56.76

Y Shaped Strainer Filter 2" 30 Mesh

Banjo Y-shaped strainer filter. 2" diameter 30 mesh sized strainer.

Rusco Spin-Down® 1-1/2" L-Style Filter

1-1/2" Rusco L-Style filter body with 24 mesh filter. Includes ball valve for flushing.

Rusco™ Spin-Down™ Replacement Housing

Rusco™ Spin-Down™ Replacement Housing
From $26.35

WATTS® PURE WATER 3/4" Filter Housing

WATTS® PURE WATER filter housing, 3/4" inlet/outlet, no filter.


1 1/2" In-line cool cell filter with 20 mesh screen. 150 PSI max.

Rusco™ 1/2" Threaded ball valve

Replacement white flushing ball valve for Spin-Down™ filters.

1" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge

1" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge
From $13.18

1-1/2" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge

1-1/2" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge
From $23.16

2" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge

2" Rusco™ Replacement Filter Cartridge
From $37.42

Rusco™ L-Style Filter Cartridge

Replacement Cartridge for 1-1/2" L Style Filter (61008-24L)
From $24.44

Spun Polyproylene Filter - 50 Micron

Replacement spun polypropylene filter, 50 Micron.

Polystring Water Filter Cartridges 2.5" x 10"

Polystring Water Filter Cartridges 2.5" x 10"
From $1.18

Corrugated Filter, 20 Mircon

Washable replacement filter, 20 micron, 2-11/16" x 9-7/8"