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Water Meters and Reducers

Water meters and pressure reducers for animal drinking lines in swine and poultry houses. Keeping accurate records of water consumption helps track animal performance and let you know if there is a leak or other problem in the building's plumbing. 

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Grower SELECT Water Pressure Regulator 10-25 PSI

SKU: HS762
GrowerSELECT blue water regulator for managing incoming water pressure between 10-25 PSI.

Arad M-Series Water Meter

SKU: DI60102
The ARAD M, a multi-jet magnetic water meter with a patented frost protection device, engineered to give accurate readings as low as 10 gallons per hour, and as high as 1,300 gallons per hour.

Water Meter w/ Couplings - No Pulse

Cold water unit rated for 1/4 to 20 GPM flows. Horizontal mount only.

Water Meter w/ Couplings - Pulse

Equipped with 1 gallon pulse output fully compatible with most house ventilation controllers.

BadgerMeter Water Meter 25 GPM

Lead-free cast bronze housing with an operating range of 1/2 to 25 gallons per minute. Horizontal mount only.

Poly Top Brass Pressure Valve

Multiple SKUs available....
Poly top brass pressure valve automatically controls excessive water pressure to protect water systems components.
From $76.58

Brass Water Pressure Reducer

Multiple SKUs available....
Brass Water Pressure Reducer with stainless steel internal parts.
From $80.30

Maxiflo Pressure Regulators

Multiple SKUs available....
Maxiflo Water Pressure Regulators.
From $80.21

3/4" Water Meter Fitting - Bronze

SKU: H1021-6035
3/4" bronze water meter fitting. Priced each. 2 required to hook water meter into supply line.

3/4" Water Meter Coupling Pair

SKU: 601021
3/4" water meter coupling with washers. Sold as a pair. Fits standard 5/8" water meter input/output.

3/4" Water Meter Fitting - Bronze

SKU: DI73WM059
3/4" bronze water meter fitting. Sold as a pair. Required to hook water meter into supply line.

Valco® Model 925 Water Sensor

Valco® Model 925 water sensor.

Plasson® Universal Pressure Regulator (UPR 550)

SKU: DI2205950
The Plasson Universal Pressure Regulator delivers a 5-60 PSI adjustable pressure range—enabling a high-flow rate capacity at any selected pressure setting.