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DIY feed bin hopper valve

DIY feed bin hopper valve

This DIY guide illustrates the simple installation process.  The tutorial is also available on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

1) Center the template in the middle of a bin hopper panel and about six inches from the bottom.  Mark the outside of the template with a marker.

 2) Remove the paper backing from the template and apply it to the hopper panel.
3) Create a pilot hole and remove the marked section with a reciprocating metal saw.  Do not use a grinder, as it will cause damage to the bin's galvanized coating.

 4) Drill out the 18 holes on the bin template with a 3/8" drill bit. 

 5) Apply the supplied caulking tape to the front and back of the mounting plate.
6) Slide the valve door into the guides on the mounting plate. Join the plate to the cover shroud by lining up the bolt holes.

 7) Place assembly on the bin using a punch to align the mounting plate with the bin's pre-drilled holes.

8) Tighten the bolts and remove access caulk.

 9) Attach the locking bracket to the shroud.

 10) Attach the handle to the slide door. Move the handle up and down to ensure the gate operates smoothly.

 11) Install the feed chute to the bottom of the shroud.


12) The valve handle should line up the locking bracket to allow securing with a padlock or cotter key.


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