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Blog posts of '2017' 'April'

Effect of an additional waterer on growth performance of nursery pigs


The key objective of this study was to determine the effect of additional access to water on nursery pig performance over a 28-day period. A total of 2,017 weanling nursery pigs were allotted to one of two treatment groups: Control (SC): Dual Standard Cup Waterers; or Test (WC): A...

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Chinese 5,000 Sow "Mountain Farm"

Video tour of a 5000-sow farm located on a mountaintop near ShenNonh Dali in the Sichuan Province of China.

This remote sow unit produces and tests breeding stock from an 896 crate farrowing house, 4400 stall gestation building, 50 place boar stud, GDU/ Iso barn, and 15-room testing facility. Hog S...

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Feed Management Without Climbing a Bin


The simplest way to check feed volume is to climb up and look inside. Not anyone's favorite chore, wet or icy ladders can make this dangerous and at best it is an educated guess. 

094Bin Flag level indicator mounts on the outside of a bin rotating to yellow when feed level drops below postition.


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Ensure Farm Biosecurity with Key Cards
The introduction of a contagious disease to a farm represents a severe economic impact on a flock.
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