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Dosatron® DM11F Parts

Dosatron DM11F Parts Diagram
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PJDI900VF DM11F Seal Kit
PJDI900MINI-LS DM11F Mini Maintenance Kit
EMDI007 DM11F Motor Seal Kit
Key Item# Description Key Item# Description
1 MPDI199 Cap assembly 19 PDI846 Isolation body
2 MDI367 Screw 20 PDI848 Plunger
3 MDI354 Nut 21 JDI105 Plunger o-ring top
4 PJDI127HT Diaphragm 22 J009VF Plunger seal bottom
5 PDI781 Plastic seal for diaphragm 23 JDI100HT O-ring for stem body
6 PDI771 Body 24 PDI702 Top stem nut
7 PPDI048 Slide repair kit 25 PDI784U Stem body
8 MDI357 Actuator plate 26 PJDI115 Check valve assembly
9 JDI128HT Actuator gasket 27 PDI739 Check valve cap
10 PDI775 Actuator base 28 MDI358 Check valve spring
11 JDI129HT Actuator gasket 29 PDI729 Check valve cone
12 JDI133HT O-ring seal for actuator (2 req) 30 JDI105 O-ring for check valve cone
13 PDI777 Upper transfer body 31 JDI130HT O-ring for hose barb
14 PDI776 Transfer body 32 PDI740 Hose barb
15 MDI355 Screw 33 PDI734 Nut for check valve
16 JDI127HT Transfer body gasket 34 PDI735 Lower stem nut
17 MDI356 Nut 35 MPDI185 Hose assembly 5/16"
18 8J040 O-ring for isolation body 36 52908 Strainer for 5/16" hose
37 PDI773 Upper Plunger Assembly
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Dosatron® DM11F Seal Kit

Replacement seal kit for DM11F 11 GPM injector units.

Dosatron® DM11F Mini Maintenance Kit

Mini maintenance kit for the Dosatron® DM11F lower end to replace the most common wear parts.

Dosatron® DM11F Motor Seal Kit

Replacement motor seal kit for Dosatron DM11F injector units.

Dosatron® DM11F Upper Plunger Assembly

Upper plunger assembly for Dosatron® DM11F pump.

Dosatron® DM11F Actuator Sub-Assembly & Gasket

Actuator sub-assembly with gasket for DM11F.

Dosatron® DM11F Slider Kit

Replacement Slider Kit for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Cap Assembly

Replacement top cap for DM11F.

Dosatron® 1/4" Barb Hose Strainer

Dosatron® 1/4" barb hose strainer for suction tubes.

Dosatron® DM11F Transfer Body

Replacement Transfer Body for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F 5/16" Hose Assembly

Replacement Hose Assembly for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® 5/16" (8mm) Strainer

Replacement weighted strainer for Dosatron DM11F & D14MZ2 (5/16" | 8mm) suction hoses.

Dosatron® DM11F Actuator Gasket

Replacement Actuator Gasket for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Actuator O-Ring

Replacement Actuator O-Ring for Dosatron DM11F ( 2 req)

Dosatron® DM11F Actuator Plate

Replacement ceramic Actuator Plate for Dosatron DM11F.

Dosatron® DM11F Actuator Plate Gasket

Replacement Actuator Plate Gasket for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Body

Replacement Body for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Check Valve Assembly

Replacement Check Valve assembly for Dosatron DM11F medicator.

Dosatron® DM11F Check Valve Cap

Replacement Check Valve Top Cap for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Check Valve Cone

Replacement Check Valve Cone for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Check Valve Nut

Replacement Check Valve Nut for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Check Valve Spring

Replacement Check Valve Spring for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Diaphragm

Replacement Diaphragm for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Hose Barb

Replacement Hose Barb for Dosatron DM11F

Dosatron® DM11F Hose Barb O-Ring

Replacement O-Ring for Hose Barb for Dosatron DM11F