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Electrical Supplies

Electrical supplies for repair and new installations around your operation. Hog Slat carries an extensive selection of cords, wires, plugs, receptacles, switches, fittings, pipe, straps and more. 

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Power Relay 4 Pin SPST NO 25 Amp 120/240V

Power Relay Switch 4 Pin SPST NO 25 Amp 120/240V
From $14.64

Proximity Switch for Winslow Weigh Scales

Replacement proximity switch for Winslow Weigh Scales.

QO Type (Plug-on) Circuit Breakers

QO Type (Plug-on) AC/DC Circuit Breakers
From $11.43

Relay 240V 14 pin Rooster Winch LY4-AC240

14 pin, 4PDT, 240V relay for Chore-Time® Rooster Winch Control Model 34812.

Relay DPDT 30A 120V General Purpose

Relay DPDT 30A 120V General Purpose

Relay DPST 6 Terminal 25 Amp 120/240V

6 terminal DPST relay, 25 Amp available in 120 and 240 volt models. 240V model is replacement relay for HS598 Delay Relay Kit.
From $18.92

Relay Magnet Blowout DPST 6 Pin 240VAC

DPST 6 pin magnet blowout relay. 240VAC

Relay Plug-In DPST 2 NO 240V

Plug-in relay switch, DPST. 2 N.O. contacts, 240V.

Relay Switches | DPDT | 30 AMP | 120 or 240 VAC

Relay Switches | DPDT | 30 AMP | 120 or 240 VAC
From $24.20

Relay TPDT Cube 120V

Cube relay, TPDT, 120V.

Safety Limit Switch Flex-Flo Control Unit

Safety limit switch for AP®/Cumberland® Flex-Flo control unit.

Snap Action Limit Switch 15 Amp

Snap action limit switch with simulated roller for Hired Hand® Powertrak and Agri-Ventilation systems curtain/vent actuator machine.

Snap Action SPDT Micro Switch for Linear Lift

Snap-action SPDT micro switch for linear lifts. Fits Chore-Time® Linear Lift 800.

Standard Male Plug Cord Sets

Standard Male Plug Cord Sets. Available in 110V, 120V and 220V options in 9 feet or 12 feet lengths. Stranded copper wire leads.
From $11.49

Surge Arrestor 120/240VAC

DITEK's 120/240CM+ is a durable, cost-effective Surge Protective Device (SPD) suitable for use in a variety of locations.

Toggle Switch SPDT Tab w/ Screw 10 Amp 250V

Toggle switch, SPDT, tabs with screws. 10 Amp 250V 3/4 HP.

Universal 8 Pin Relay 120/240V

Universal 8 Pin Relay 120/240V
From $38.32

Whisker Switch Spinks Bin Scale

Replacement whisker switch for Spinks feed bin scale.

Toggle switch boot cover

Replacement rubber boot cover for toggle switches.

Toggle Switch DPDT 10 Amp 250 Volt

Toggle switch, DPDT, 10 Amp 250 Volt. 6 prongs.

Toggle Switch DPDT 10 Amp 250 Volt Center Off

Toggle switch, DPDT, 10 Amp 250 Volt center off position. 6 prongs.

Toggle Switch DPST 10 Amp 250 V

DPST toggle swtich, 10 Amp 250 Volt. 4 prongs.

Toggle Switch DPST 20 Amp 250V 1.5 HP

DPST toggle switch. 20 Amp, 250V 1-1/2 HP. 4 prongs.

Toggle Switch SPDT 10 Amp 250 V 3/4 HP

Carling toggle switch, SPDT 10 Amp 250 V 3/4 HP. 3 prongs.