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Cooling & Ventilation

In addition to the comfort and performance of your animals, your farm's bottom line can be significantly increased by proper ventilation in your barns. For your cool cell needs, choose our GrowerSELECT® EVAP System, H2Pad and TEGO tunnel doors to maximize cooling efficiency.

To help control air flow we offer a variety of curtain sizes, materials and machines as well as multiple inlet options. For monitoring your growing environment, we offer a complete selection of alarms, controls, thermostats, timers and testing equipment.

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Cool Cell End Caps PVC

Multiple SKUs available....
PVC end caps for cool cell systems. Priced/sold each.
From $59.81

1/8" Drip Tubing

SKU: 60280
100' Roll. Cut to length for drop lines on dripper systems.

Cumberland® Cool Cell Trough Bracket

SKU: G60-0347
Support bracket for Cumberland® cool cell water trough.

Ceiling Inlet Insulation Board

Replacement insulation board for 4-way ceiling inlet (HSI2000).

Aerotech®/Munters® 8" Cool Cell Pipe

SKU: AJP3028
8" diameter cool cell air pipe for Aerotech®/Munters® evaporative cooling systems.

1/2" Soak Down Sprinkler - Standard

SKU: 61030
1/2" standard soak down sprinkler. Covers 20' ft area.

15" Cool Cell Tank Kit for Submersible Pump

SKU: AEC1606
Aerotech/Munters 15" cool cell tank kit for submersible pump. Includes all fittings, clamps and plumbing hardware.

1/2" Soak Down Sprinkler - Full Flow

SKU: 61030A
Full flow spinner suspended between two bearing for reliable performance.

B1200 Raydot Polystyrene Replacement

SKU: BF-1200-1
Polystyrene replacement insert for B1200 Raydot.

Adjust-A-Flow Sprinkler

SKU: WF4070
360 Degree 25 GPH

Return Spring for Cable

SKU: HSAP-2877
Tension spring to allow automatic adjustments of ventilation inlets and return feed drop cables.

SS Suspension Cable Roll 1/8" - 400ft

SKU: HS17111
Stainless steel suspension cable roll for ventilation inlet and feed drop actuation. 1/8" diameter in 400' roll.

Replacement Load Nut for Linear Actuator

SKU: HS667-06
Replacement load nut for the Hog Slat HS667 series linear actuator.

Adjust-A-Flow Sprinkler

SKU: 610300
180 Degree Coverage 12 Feet

Plastic Vent Cover | 48" x 14"

SKU: HS48X14
Black plastic vent cover. 48"L x 14"H x 14"W

Vari-Jet™ 90° Fan Sprinkler Emitter

SKU: AN13115
Vari-Jet™ 90 degree fan spray pattern sprinkler emitter. Priced/sold each.

Saddle Clamp with Shut Off

SKU: 56554
Replacement saddle clamp for plumbing kit (56559) and soaker assemblies.

Nylon Swivel

SKU: NS30384-8
Black nylon swivel is an optional part of barn soaker assembly. Nozzles independently rotate 180°.

Mirco Spray Adapter

SKU: WF1022
Use With WF4070 or 610300

Nozzle Cap

SKU: NS50595
Blank nozzle cap. Field drill hole(s) to soak pens for cleaning. See Accessories tab to order other components.


SKU: 60375
3/4" Reducing Tee (Slip x Slip x FTP), PVC, Schedule 40. Reduces to 1/2".

1/2" MPT x 1/4" FPT PVC Reducer

SKU: 60171
(SCH 40)

Adapter PVC SCH 40 1'' MPT X 3/4'' S

SKU: 60376
Adapter PVC SCH 40 1'' MPT X 3/4'' S

Flint & Walling Booster Pumps

Multiple SKUs available....
Flint & Walling Booster Pumps
From $519.40