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Cooling & Ventilation

In addition to the comfort and performance of your animals, your farm's bottom line can be significantly increased by proper ventilation in your barns. For your cool cell needs, choose our GrowerSELECT® EVAP System, H2Pad and TEGO tunnel doors to maximize cooling efficiency.

To help control air flow we offer a variety of curtain sizes, materials and machines as well as multiple inlet options. For monitoring your growing environment, we offer a complete selection of alarms, controls, thermostats, timers and testing equipment.

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Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Metal Float Valve

Little Giant tank float valve with aluminum housing. More durable than a plastic housing, perfect for livestock water tanks.

Triple-C™ Cool Cell Cleaner

Triple-C™ efficiently removes mineral & scale build-up from cool cell pads.
From $18.13

Cool Cell Cleaner & Descaler Powder

This product is an evaporative cooling water additive. POWDER DESCALER will remove stubborn mineral deposits in the water storage system, pumps, water nozzles, spray deflector, evaporative cooling pads and drains.

Cool-N-Klean Descaler

High foaming acidic cleaner for use in evaporative cool cell pads, swine/poultry water lines and hard environmental surfaces.
From $18.80

Casco Cooling Water Treatment Algaecide

Casco Cooling Water Treatment (CWT) is an EPA registered 16% quaternary ammonia disinfectant for the control of algae and algal slime growth in cooling systems.
From $14.30

Forticool D Cool Cell Cleaner w/ Scale Stop (Descaler)

FortiCool D-scaler reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of your cool cells by slowly releasing scale-fighting ingredients for continuous protection and improving cooling efficiency and pad life.

Forticool A Cool Cell Treatment - Solid Bar (Algaecide)

FortiCool A prevents the buildup of algae, fungi, and other inanimate organic materials by slowly releasing algae-fighting ingredients for continuous protection which will save you time and optimize the efficiency of your cool cells.