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Drinking Systems

Providing fresh drinking water is essential to maintaining the health and performance of your animals. We offer a large selection of the most popular options for poultry and swine drinking systems on the market. Whether you need to replace a few nipples on a drinker line or want to upgrade your barn to our No-Spray RIO™ Finishing Nipple we have the items you need to get the job done right. We also stock the most popular brands and sizes of medicators from Dosatron®, Chemilizer® and Gator® along with replacement parts to maintain them in working order. 

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Edstrom® Hog Nipple

SKU: 565753
Drinking nipple designed for use by pigs 50 pounds and larger.
From $8.59

Edstrom® Sow Nipple

SKU: 565751
High capacity drinking nipple especially designed for use by breeding pigs.
From $8.59

Edstrom® Piglet Nipple

SKU: 565752
Drinking nipple designed for use by baby pigs up to 50 pounds.
From $8.59

AquaChief™ 1/2" X 11-3/4" Straight Pipe w/o Nipple

SKU: 8151860500
AquaChief™ stainless steel straight water pipe with welded attachment tab. 1/2'' X 11-3/4''.

Cable Adjuster - Small

SKU: 617315
Cable Adjuster 1/8" X 2"

Edstrom® Piglet Trainer Nipple

SKU: 565155
Piglet trainer nipple with a stainless steel trainer-screw built into the body.
From $15.88

Lubing® Expansion Connector

SKU: L4363
w/ two crimp clamps

Nursery Pig Water Nipple Bar

Multiple SKUs available....
Available with multiple quantities of nipples for providing extra drinking space to young pigs starting on wet/dry feeders.
From $82.00

AquaChief™ Water Cup Mounting Kit

SKU: 8150781520
Complete mounting kit for installing AquaChief water cup on horizontal or vertical rod gating with angle top bar.

Hog Slat® Water Cup Pipe Clamp Kit

SKU: 8152671200
Galvanized water cup pipe clamp kit to attach 1/2" water pipe to Hog Slat® steel penning and gating equipment top angle bar.

Nipple Bar Hook Package

SKU: 8155631100
Attachment kit for Nipple Bar

Cord Adjuster - Yellow

Cord Adjuster for Poultry Feed Line and drinker lines, Yellow.

Edstrom® Wet/Dry Feeder Nipple

SKU: 565754
High capacity valve designed for vertical mounting in the feeder.
From $7.51

Lubing® Pipe Connector

SKU: L4367
Lubing® rubber pipe connector with two crimp clamps. Priced/sold each.

Trough Water Pipe

Multiple SKUs available....
Trough Water Galvanized Pipe for Hog Drinker System
From $18.00

AquaMax Water Pan Package

SKU: 7910951500
Includes 12"x 18" Stainless Steel Pan, 48" SS pipe, EuroValve

Edstrom® Nipple Retainer Screw

SKU: 5657521
Retainer screw for Edstrom® hog drinking nipple.

Edstrom® Nipple Flat O-Ring

SKU: 3100-0999-011
Flat o-ring replacement for all Edstrom® nipples.

1/2" Galvanized Water Pipe

Multiple SKUs available....
1/2" galvanized metal water pipe in various lengths for building water brackets nipple bars and drinkers for pigs.
From $1.10

1/8" Aluminum Cable Sleeve

SKU: 52284
1/8" Aluminum Cable Curtain Sleeve

AquaChief™ Back Plate Mounting Kit

SKU: 8152501200
Back plate mounting kit for attaching the AquaChief™ water cup to horizontal or vertical bar gating.

EZ-Flow Wet Feeding Nipple

SKU: 12020001
Stainless steel EZ-Flow Wet Feeding Nipple with standard 1/2" threaded connection and wrench flats on each side for quick installation.

Lubing® Crimp Ring for Connector

SKU: L316-3BR
Ring Crimp Ring for connector

AquaChief™ Galvanized Back Plate

SKU: 8152500200
AquaChief™ back plate, galvanized metal finish. Dimensions 1'' X 8'' X 1/4''.