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Poultry Drinking Systems

Hog Slat stocks and sells whole poultry drinking systems and replacement parts from Cumberland®, Lubing®, Plasson® and Valco®. We also carry a variety of pulleys, winches and cabling accessories to help you make sure your drinking system is always completely operational.

Hog Slat also carries a wide range of poultry drinker hoses to connect drinker line systems.

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Plasson® Broiler Drinker Complete

Plasson drinkers are made of a durable high-impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the environment of an active broiler house for many years.

Plasson® Breeder Drinker Complete

The Plasson Breeder Drinkers are made of a rugged high-impact plastic, formulated to withstand the use of adult hens and roosters.

1/16" Galvanized Cable - 1 x 7

1/16" galvanized 1x7 aircraft cable.
From $15.43

1/16" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 7

1/16" galvanized 7x7 aircraft cable.
From $28.00

1/8" Solid Braid Poly Cord

1/8" Solid Braid Poly Curtain Cord
From $13.37

Lubing® OptiGROW Broiler Nipple

Lubing® OptiGROW is the ultimate broiler nipple optimized for growth.

1/8" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 19

1/8" galvanized 7x19 extra flexible aircraft cable.
From $45.52

1/8" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 7

1/8" galvanized 7x7 flexible aircraft cable.
From $19.09

Lubing® Broiler Nipple

Lubing® Broiler Poultry Breeder Nipple
From $1.34

Lubing® Breeder Nipple

Lubing® Breeder Poultry Drinker Nipple

Single Reel Winch

Single reel worm gear winch. Used for cable free winching systems, drinker lines and other single pull applications. 2,000 lb capacity.

Lubing® Mini Drinker

Lubing® mini drinker with plastic or stainless steel adapter.
From $5.68

Lubing® Snap Cup & Extension

Snap cup and extension for square Lubing® poultry drinker lines.

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup One Arm

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip cup with single arm.

Cable Adjuster - Flat

Flat cable adjuster to maintain poultry drinking line height. Galvanized. Priced each.

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup Two Arm

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup with two arms. Available in small or large sizes.
From $0.79

Cable Adjuster - Small

Cable Adjuster 1/8" X 2"

Lubing® Expansion Connector

w/ two crimp clamps

Cord Adjuster - Yellow

Cord Adjuster for Poultry Feed Line and drinker lines, Yellow.

Lubing® Pipe Connector

Lubing® rubber pipe connector with two crimp clamps. Priced/sold each.

1/8" Aluminum Sleeve

1/8" Aluminum Curtain Sleeve

Lubing® Crimp Ring for Connector

Ring Crimp Ring for connector

1/4" Aluminum Sleeve

1/4" Aluminum Curtain Sleeve

Lubing® Crimp Ring for Breather

Ring Crimp Ring for breather kit.