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Stock tank floats and drinking trough valves from Jobe™, Hudson and Little Giant® to help maintain fresh drinking water levels for your livestock.

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Jobe™ Rojo™ Float Valve

Rojo Float Valves are float operated valves for automatic filling of water storage vessels.

Jobe™ Megaflow™ Trough Float Valve

Jobe™ Megaflow™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Underwater Mount
From $62.27

Jobe™ Topaz™ Trough Float Valve

Jobe™ Topaz™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Above or Underwater Mount
From $80.90

Jobe™ Tranz Former™ Valve

The Tranz Former will transform common low flow valves into a high flow diaphragm valve while utilizing existing valve as the float, mount and actuator.


The unique patented design of the Hudson Cattle float uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve.
From $22.67

Trough-O-Matic™ Stock Tank Float Valve

Use this Little Giant® Trough-O-Matic™ stock tank float valve to maintain the water level in your animals drinking tank.

Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Metal Float Valve

Little Giant tank float valve with aluminum housing. More durable than a plastic housing, perfect for livestock water tanks.