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Get the Lubing Advantage for your poulty houses with genuine parts from Lubing. Hog Slat stocks a full line of broiler/breeder water drinking nipples, water system regulators and parts, stand pipes, flushing assemblies, hangers, railings, LitterGard™ cups and more to help you with new installation projects, repairs and/or expansions of your existing system.

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Lubing® OptiGROW Broiler Nipple

Lubing® OptiGROW is the ultimate broiler nipple optimized for growth.

Lubing® Broiler Nipple

Lubing® Broiler Poultry Breeder Nipple
From $1.54

Lubing® Breeder Nipple

Lubing® Breeder Poultry Drinker Nipple

Lubing® Mini Drinker

Lubing® mini drinker with plastic or stainless steel adapter.
From $14.48

Lubing® Snap Cup & Extension

Snap cup and extension for square Lubing® poultry drinker lines.

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup One Arm

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip cup with single arm.

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup Two Arm

Lubing® LitterGuard™ Drip Cup with two arms. Available in small or large sizes.
From $0.37

Lubing® Expansion Connector

w/ two crimp clamps

Lubing® Pipe Connector

Lubing® rubber pipe connector with two crimp clamps. Priced/sold each.

Lubing® Crimp Ring for Connector

Ring Crimp Ring for connector

Lubing® Crimp Ring for Breather

Ring Crimp Ring for breather kit.

Lubing® Crimp Tool

Crimp tool for Lubing® drinker lines.

Lubing® Square to Round Transition

Lubing® 22mm square to 3/4" round transition fitting.

Lubing® Transition Adapter 22mm

Lubing® transition adapter fitting connects 22mm square drinker line to 22mm (~7/8") regulator outlet.

Lubing® Transition Adapter 28mm to 22mm

Lubing® transition adapter fitting . 28mm square female end and 22mm round male end with o-ring.

Lubing® Upper Shell Regulator Housing

Upper shell for Lubing® Optima regulator (#L3201-00).

Lubing® Hose Fitting Washer

(Part #27) Lubing® hose fitting washer. Priced/sold each.

Lubing® Optima Water Pressure Regulator

Optima water pressure regulator for Lubing drinking systems. Includes 18" sight tube, hanging bracket and installation fittings.

Lubing® Regulator Diaphragm

(Part #7) Replacement diaphragm for Lubing® Optima regulator, Item # L3201-00.

Lubing® Ball Tank

Ball Tank Assembly with Flush

Lubing® Dischage Tube

Replacement for Lubing® Ball Tank.

Lubing® Pressure System

Tank Assembly without Flush

Lubing® Pressure Flush System

Black gravity pressure supply tank complete with flush bypass plumbing.

Connector Hose 1/2" Ins FPT for Regulator

(Part # 1) Connector Hose 1/2" Ins FPT for Regulator for Lubing pressure regulator L3201-00