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Drinking Systems

Providing fresh drinking water is essential to maintaining the health and performance of your animals. We offer a large selection of the most popular options for poultry and swine drinking systems on the market. Whether you need to replace a few nipples on a drinker line or want to upgrade your barn to our No-Spray RIO™ Finishing Nipple we have the items you need to get the job done right. We also stock the most popular brands and sizes of medicators from Dosatron®, Chemilizer® and Gator® along with replacement parts to maintain them in working order. 

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1/8" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 7

1/8" galvanized 7x7 flexible aircraft cable.
From $19.26

Aqua Series 1/2" X 3/8" Nursery Nipple

The Aqua Series Nursery pig water nipples feature a viton rubber O-ring and 304 stainless steel spring for extended durability.
From $2.01

Double Crate Waterer for Sow & Piglets

Double water nipple pipe with a 1/2" sow nipple on the top and a 3/8" piglet nipple on the bottom.
From $18.00

Jobe™ Tranz Former™ Valve

The Tranz Former will transform common low flow valves into a high flow diaphragm valve while utilizing existing valve as the float, mount and actuator.

Lubing® Broiler Nipple

Lubing® Broiler Poultry Breeder Nipple
From $1.34


The unique patented design of the Hudson Cattle float uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve.
From $23.01

Hog Slat® Flooring Fastener - 4 Pack

M8 x 50mm flooring fastener allows accessories such as the Aqua Bowl to be quickly attached to narrow slotted plastic, metal and cast flooring.

24" Galvanized Water Pipe

24" galvanized water pipe with threaded ends.

Aqua Flo Water Nipple for Sows

AquaFlo bite water drinking nipple for sows.

Trough-O-Matic™ Stock Tank Float Valve

Use this Little Giant® Trough-O-Matic™ stock tank float valve to maintain the water level in your animals drinking tank.

36" Single Mount Water Bracket

36" single mount pig water nipple bracket with 80° bend at bottom. 1/2" FPT.

RIO™ Finishing Water Nipple

Hog Slat's exclusive spray free water nipple for pigs.
From $4.90

24" Galvanized Double Hog Waterer - Pipe Only

24" galvanized double hog waterer pipe. Pipe only, no nipples included.

Aqua Flo Trigger Nipple - Stainless Steel

The AquaFlo Trigger nipple's forward spring design prevents spraying and reduces spring failure in sow water drinking applications.

Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Metal Float Valve

Little Giant tank float valve with aluminum housing. More durable than a plastic housing, perfect for livestock water tanks.

Lubing® Breeder Nipple

Lubing® Breeder Poultry Drinker Nipple

Single Reel Winch

Single reel worm gear winch. Used for cable free winching systems, drinker lines and other single pull applications. 2,000 lb capacity.

Aqua Series Finishing Trigger Nipple

Trigger style water nipple for our AquaChief™ hog water cups. Silicone insert eliminates springs that can break, and viton o-ring resists damage from chemicals and cleaning agents.

Grower SELECT® Aqua Series Wet/Dry Water Nipple

Stainless steel 1/2" water nipple for use in wet/dry pig feeders.

Lubing® Mini Drinker

Lubing® mini drinker with plastic or stainless steel adapter.
From $5.68

Quad Water Pipe for Hog Nipples

Quad Water Galvanized Pipe for Hog Drinker Nipples
From $16.18

O-Ring for AquaChief™ Nipple

Replacement black viton O-Ring for AquaChief trigger nipples. Priced/sold each.

AquaChief™ Replacement Gray Silicone Inserts

Replacement gray silicone insert for the AquaChief™ cup nipple.

AquaChief™ Replacement Red Silicone Insert

Replacement red silicone insert for the AquaChief™ cup nipple.