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One more task for winterizing buildings

One more task for winterizing buildings

We omitted one important task in our winterizing buildings article...evaporative cool cell systems. 


The critical point here is draining all the water out of the system to prevent damage during freezing weather. Even if freezing is not a problem in your area, water allowed to remain in the system can harbor dirt, bacteria, and algae, clogging the system on start-up next spring. 


Begin by shutting off the water supply to the system inside the barn. Next, open the drain on the lower trough and start the pump to remove any water from the sump tank and the system piping. Open the ball valve at the far end of the distribution line and on the filter to finish draining the system.


Loosen the union connections for the jet or sump pump and remove and store them in a warm area. Stuff some steel wool into the pipe openings to prevent insects, rodents, and lizards from entering the PVC distribution system.


Finally, place some extra bait stations in front of the cool cell runs and keep them baited to prevent rodents from building nests in the pads over the winter.


The Auto Greaser injects lubrication into the bearings as needed.


And what is the interesting new product? The Hog Slat Auto Greaser.


This product shows some promise for increasing the life of fan bearings. Read this excerpt from a bearing manufacturer's website. 


When operating in excessively moist, dusty, or hot environments, it is recommended that grease be supplied at regular intervals. If appropriately maintained, the rated life of the bearing can be extended.


A moist, dusty, or hot environment sounds exactly like the inside of an exhaust fan. Let's be honest: very few people will take the time to grease bearings multiple times during the season. When prepping fans for summer, grease gets pumped into the bearings until it oozes out the sides. Not only does this damage the seals, but housing full of grease can generate excess heat through fluid friction. The Auto Greaser ends the cycle of over and under lubrication. 


Install the Auto Greaser in place of the bearing zerk. Pump the body half full of grease, and the spring-loaded plunger injects grease into the bearings as needed. How long will the 1-ounce grease reservoir last? There is no way to estimate, but the clear polycarbonate housing makes checking the grease level easy. Click for a short video and more information. 

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