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Aluminum Livestock Sorting Panel - Single

Aluminum Livestock Sorting Panel - Single
From $63.98

AquaChief™ Complete Drinker (Single Mount)

AquaChief™ complete single mount cup waterer kit. Includes water cup, water pipe with nipple, backing plates and all mounting hardware.

AquaChief™ Pig Water Cup (Base Unit)

AquaChief™ base unit water cup for pigs. Includes water cup and 48" galvanized water pipe with nipple.

Chorelite Boot

The lighest chore boot you can put on your feet!
From $22.61

Egg Belt Sewing Kit

Complete egg belt sewing kit. Includes (2) 3" Needles and (4) small spools of waxed thread.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 48"

Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors. 115V 30 RPM cable model.
From $895.00

Grower SELECT® G-Logic Control Pan

GrowerSELECT® G-Logic end of line control pan improves reliability of poultry feed lines by incorporating an updated sensor switch.

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart for Sows

Larger 900 lb. capacity. 18-1/2" wide and 78" tall. 13" wheel height.

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly
From $7.62

Motor Brush

Replacement brush for Lesson motor MMZ606

Overdrive® ODMR0205 LED Dimmer & Controller

Two channels output MOS-FET phase cut light dimmer. Max current per channel is 5A.

PuraFire Main Gas Valve - LP

PuraFire LP Main Gas Valve. Fits 80M & 225M heaters.

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits for LP or NG heaters
From $21.45

Synergize Cool NF

Lower foaming formulation of Synergize™ is the cornerstone of an effective biosercuity program on your farm. 1 gal.
From $30.18

3 Qt. Plastic Feed Scoop

3 Qt. Plastic Feed Scoop for chicken, pig, livestock and pet feed

3/4" Lovejoy Coupler Hub

Replacement coupler hub 3/4" bore, 3/16" keyway, L095

AccuPro® 1 Button Dispenser

AccuPro® assures accurate mixing of disinfectants at the push of a button.

Aluminum Sorting Panel - Double

Welded construction of heavy grade aluminum for strong yet light sorting panel. 34" tall.
From $154.98

Grower SELECT® 1/6 HP Direct Drive Fan Motor

Single speed direct drive replacement motor kit for AP® Mini-Brute 8" and 10" PVC duct fans.

Grower SELECT® Control Pan - End of Line

Rugged, trouble-free design utilizes a simple paddle switch to control feed lines. Retrofits easily to most existing systems.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 24" - 230V

Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors.
From $773.00

Grower SELECT® Poultry Auger Drive Units

GrowerSELECT® 1/3, 1/2 & 3/4 HP auger drive unit motor kits for chicken and turkey feed line systems.
From $319.00

High Capacity Double Sided Chicken Feeder

This high capacity double sided chicken feeder is constructed of galvanized metal and is suitable for feeding larger flocks of chickens or other poultry.

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart with Sheet Metal Sides

13" Wheel height with solid sides to aid in pig removal.