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Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly
From $11.58

Motor Brush

SKU: EIS900163-11
Replacement brush for Lesson motor MMZ606

Overdrive® ODMR0210 LED Dimmer & Controller

For optimum performance and long life use this dimmer controller with Overdrive dimmable LED lamps. 10A/120V/60Hz/2,400W (1,200W per channel).

PuraFire Main Gas Valve - LP

SKU: G20-5070K
PuraFire forced air furnace heater main gas valve for LP units. Fits C80M & C225M model heaters.

PuraFire Main Gas Valve - NG

SKU: G20-5071K
PuraFire forced air furnace heater main gas valve for NG (Natural Gas) units. Fits C80M & C225M model heaters.

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits

Multiple SKUs available....
Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits for LP or NG heaters
From $50.18

Tub O' Scrub™ Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - 18 oz.

Tub O' Scrub™ heavy duty hand cleaner removes grease, oil and tough grime from hands without the use of water. 18 ounce bottle.

15° Nozzle Tip Standard - Stainless Steel

Multiple SKUs available....
Ideal for one nozzle applications where quick changes are not needed. Hardened stainless steel construction.
From $10.18

3 Qt. Plastic Feed Scoop

SKU: 150415
3 Qt. Plastic Feed Scoop for chicken, pig, livestock and pet feed

3/4" Lovejoy Coupler Hub

SKU: LOV11087
Replacement coupler hub 3/4" bore, 3/16" keyway, L095

AgriShift® MLB 12W LED Fixture for Poultry

AgriShift® 12 watt MLB modular lights for broiler and turkey operations were created to help poultry operators significantly reduce electricity costs, decrease labor and maintenance costs, and increase flock performance.

Aluminum Sorting Panel - Double

Multiple SKUs available....
Welded construction of heavy grade aluminum for strong yet light sorting panel. 34" tall.
From $239.86

FARMSTEAD "Flex" Feeder Combo

This great deal includes our versatile "Flex" metal chicken feeder, protective rain hat cover and anti-waste feeder ring in one package for a better price than purchasing each item separately.

Grower SELECT® 1/6 HP Direct Drive Fan Motor

Single speed direct drive replacement motor kit for AP® Mini-Brute 8" and 10" PVC duct fans.

Grower SELECT® Control Pan - End of Line

SKU: HS8500
Rugged, trouble-free design utilizes a simple paddle switch to control chicken feed lines. Retrofits easily to most existing poultry feeding systems.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 24" - 230V

Multiple SKUs available....
Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors.
From $1,052.50

Grower SELECT® Proximity Drop Tube Control

Simple feed level control mounts to drop tube below power unit for accurate control of flexible auger feed systems.

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart with Sheet Metal Sides

SKU: 8330221100
13" Wheel height with solid sides to aid in pig removal.

Hog Slat® Loading Chutes - Outside Walkway

Multiple SKUs available....
Stationary loading chutes installed outside swine barns to load and unload pigs from transfer trailers. Standard load chutes are permanently installed, with choices of manual or electric winch options.
From $2,246.00

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Shade

SKU: HS664-1
Replacement shade for Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp (Item # HS664). Shade only.

Jitterball Feed Bin Agitator

SKU: 8070840000
Uses the motion of the auger to agitate the feed.


Non-reversible temperature monitoring strip for use in breaker boxes. Appropriate square turns black once exposed to corresponding temperature. 10 pieces per pack.

Odor Pro™ Deodorizing Body Wash™

Multiple SKUs available....
Gently cleans while eliminating difficult to remove odors from hands, body and hair.
From $12.21

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Multiple SKUs available....
Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $4.56