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PLS-2400 MR4 Automatic Digital Light Dimmer

Multiple SKUs available....
2400 watt programmable automatic digital light dimmer works with all dimmable LED bulbs.
From $408.78

Power Twist V-Belt for Fans - Type A 1/2"

Multiple SKUs available....
You'll always have the right size replacement belt on hand with the red Power Twist V-Belts for fans on hand. Simply remove a link and adjust the size to fit.
From $6.27

Servus® Northerner Series Men's Boot - Olive

Multiple SKUs available....
Ideal for farm and chore use, the Northerner series boot is 100% waterproof and features proprietary compounds for durability and extended wear.
From $37.50

Shutter Exhaust Fan Pre-Wired

Multiple SKUs available....
Aluminum shutter exhaust fans are pre-wired and perfect for ventilating larger chicken coops, pig barns, greenhouses, shops and garages.
From $218.73

Tunnel Door Adjustment Split Bolt Kit (10-Pack)

SKU: TD800-10PK
Split bolt kit for adjusting tunnel door closures attached to the suspension system.

Wadeken Waxed Thread for Egg Belt - 25 Yards

SKU: W2001849
25 yard spool of waxed thread for sewing, slicing and repairing Wadeken egg belt.

1" Lovejoy Coupler Hub

SKU: LOV11091
Replacement coupler hub 1" bore, 1/4" keyway, L095

4" Cable Wire Zip Ties - Black

SKU: HE461713
Black 4" cable wire zip ties. UV resistant. Packs of 100.

5 Pack High Pressure Spray Tips Kit

SKU: 97331
Kit includes 5 different 1/4" plug high pressure spraying tips for various pressure washing applications.

Accu-Link® Adjustable Link V-Belt

Multiple SKUs available....
Accu-Link® Adjustable Link V-Belt for fans.
From $6.91

AgriShift® MLL 12W LED Fixture for Layers/Breeders

AgriShift® MLL High light output 12W LED fixture Dim-to-Red® technology stimulates increased egg production as well as earlier and longer peak laying period.

AirStorm™ 14" Fan without Cone

The 14" AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan includes fan unit and matching PVC shutter. Optional discharge cone available for purchase separately.

AP®/Cumberland® 4" Rigid Auger Kit

Multiple SKUs available....
Rigid auger unloading kit attaches to grain/feed bulk bins. 4 inch diameter. Available in 11', 15' and 20' lengths.
From $817.75

Azuma Thumb Nut 1/8" Red

1/8" red plastic Azuma style curtain cord nut. The split-bolt design allows barn curtain/vent drop cords to be attached to the main control line without tying knots.


These spot temperature indicators allow you to know right away when operating temperatures have reached a dangerous level (130°F) in your breaker box by turning black. 30 pieces per pack.

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Multiple SKUs available....
Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $1.16

Cablevey® Cable Connector kit

SKU: CVC38208
Kit includes snap ring pliers, (12) socket set screws, (3) long allen key, cable connector template and 2 snap ring connectors

Cablevey® Cable with plastic buttons

Multiple SKUs available....
Cablevey® Cable with plastic buttons
From $3.09

Chemilizer™ HN55 Fixed Ratio Medicator

SKU: CH9000-209
The original diaphragm medicator. Standard fixed injection ratio of 1:128. Lower pump kit can be easily removed for servicing and replacement.

Disposable Lightweight Poly Coveralls (Navy Blue) - Case of 25

Multiple SKUs available....
Polypropylene is breathable and very lightweight, which makes it perfect for the workplace where constant dirt and grime are encountered.
From $56.19

Disposable Lightweight Poly Coveralls (White) - Cases of 25

Multiple SKUs available....
Polypropylene is breathable and very lightweight, which makes it perfect for the workplace where constant dirt and grime are encountered.
From $90.10

Double Door Hog Feeder

SKU: FS401
The FARMSTEAD double door hog feeder is designed to feed up to 8 pigs to market weight. Galvanized metal construction built to last in outdoor environments.

Drip System Control With 24 HR Timer

SKU: HS728
Drip system control panel with 24 hour timer.

DYNOFAN™ 18" Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Fan - Black

Wall mount, non-oscillating fan features durable steel construction, 3 speed options, an OSHA approved grille and 9' long power cord. 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
From $122.62