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Airstream® 36" Curtain Controller Machines

Airstream® 36" Curtain and feed drop Controller Machines.
From $973.70

ASI Pit Slammers™

ASI Pit Slammers are designed to slip into the slatted floors of deep and shallow pit buildings.
From $9.40

Brass Swivel Adapter - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" FGHT

Brass swivel adapter with 3/4" FGHT fitting that reduces to 1/2" FPT.


Non-reversible temperature monitoring dot for use in breaker boxes. Appropriate indicator turns black once exposed to corresponding temperature. 10 pieces per pack.

Cablevey® Cable Connector

Cablevey® Cable Connector
From $35.21

Chemilizer™ Adjustable Ratio Medicator

The original diaphragm medicator. Adjustable mixing ratios from 1:50 to 1:164 gives you a wider flow rate to use with cleaners and water treatments.

Clear Washer

Replacement washer for plumbing kit (Item # 56559).

Contact-O-Max™ Boar Carts

The most efficient sow stimulation, heat detection and insemination system on the market!
From $6,830.57

Dust Filter Gasolec® G12 Brooder

Dust filter to fit Gasolec® G12 brooder heater.

Egg Belt Sewing Thread - 1 Pound Spool

1 pound spool of waxed sewing thread for egg belt.

FARMSTEAD 10 Hole Chicken Nest

The 10 hole galvanized steel chicken nest box provides 4 nesting spaces for up to 40 chickens to use when laying eggs.

Feed Bin Anchor Bolt Center Pin Drive - 5/8"

Feed Bin Anchor Bolt Center Pin Drive - 5/8"
From $4.12

Five-O-Lite Electric Fence Tester

DARE Five-O-Lite electric fence tester. Reads up to 5,000 volts.

Galvanized Feed Scoops

Heavy-gauge galvanized steel feed scoops, available in 3 different sizes.
From $10.29

Galvanized Nest Clip

Galvanized center belt nest clip (for back of nest).

Gate Rod Clips Hairpin Style

Hairpin style clips for gate rods and penning rods. Large and small size available.
From $0.14

Grower SELECT Water Pressure Regulator 10-25 PSI

GrowerSELECT blue water regulator for managing incoming water pressure between 10-25 PSI.

Grower SELECT® 1/4 HP 1625 RPM Fan Motor

GrowerSELECT® 1/4 HP 1625 RPM single speed direct drive fan replacement motor. Fits Pruden (J&D) 16" direct drive fans.

Grower SELECT® 1/8 HP Variable Speed Fan Motor

Replacement direct drive motor for Aerotech®/Munters® VX 14" variable speed fan.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 48" - 230V

Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors.

Grower SELECT® Feed Level Control

Controls feed motors to regulate feed levels in hoppers and feeders

Grower SELECT® LED Control Pan Light Kit

The GrowerSELECT® LED light kit fits end of line control pans and features two banks of light to encourage increased feeding on the feed line control pan.

Grower SELECT® Sprinkler System Packages

Complete GrowerSELECT® sprinkler system packages with 22" drops, designed to fit multiple barn layouts.
From $2,080.87

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple for brood style heaters
From $8.50