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2'9" Vinyl Curtain, Translucent, 16 oz, Single Hem

SKU: VC10313
Premium grade translucent curtain that stays flexible even in cold temperatures.

3" Bent Needle for Sewing Egg Belts

SKU: 66600
3" Bent Needle for Sewing Egg Belts. Priced/sold each.

AgriShift® Master Controller & Slave Dimmer

Multiple SKUs available....
The AgriShift® Master Controller and Slave Dimmer are designed specifically for dimming and controlling lights in poultry, swine or fish operations.
From $613.35

AgriShift® MLM-Swine 10w LED Light Fixtures

Multiple SKUs available....
The AgriShift® MLM-Swine 10 watt LED fixture has Dim-to-Calm® technology that simulates the sunrise and sunset to reduce stress on your animals caused by sudden changes in light.
From $38.84

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 36"

Multiple SKUs available....
Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors.
From $1,147.26

Grower SELECT® Flame Sensor Rod

SKU: HS596
GrowerSELECT® flame sensor rod for AP® PuraFire heaters.

Grower SELECT® Multi Hopper Isolator Switch

SKU: HS765
The HS765 Multi-Hopper Switch Isolator allows for the connection of up to four hopper level switches to one location providing a single Normally Closed (N/C) output. The output can be connected to an Auger Drive Control Unit such as Grower Select HS693 or any control unit containing an isolation relay to control the operation of the auger motor.

Grower SELECT® Poultry Auger Drive Units

Multiple SKUs available....
GrowerSELECT® 1/3, 1/2 & 3/4 HP auger drive unit motor kits for chicken and turkey feed line systems.
From $436.48

Hog Slat® Feed Bin Hopper Valve

Gate valve mounts to feed bin hopper cones providing access to bin contents without running the auger. Great for filling buckets or carts!

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp

Multiple SKUs available....
Durable plastic (polypropylene) heat lamp shade will not corrode or dent and the flexible sides cushion heat lamp bulbs from breaking.
From $16.82

LB White® Thermocouple for I-17 Brooder

SKU: LB573167
Replacement thermocouple with auto reset for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater.

Motor Springs

SKU: EIS900115-01
Spring Replacement Lesson Motor MMZ606.

Tub O' Towels Heavy Duty Wipes

Multiple SKUs available....
9 powerful cleaners in one tough wipe. Clean like you mean it! Available in 40 count and 90 count tubs.
From $8.51

4" Cable Wire Zip Ties - Black

SKU: 59056
4" cable wire zip ties. Priced/sold each.

AgriShift® MLM-B 10W LED Fixture for Poultry

The AgriShift® MLM-B 10W LED was created as an animal welfare friendly retrofit solution for modern broiler and turkey poultry housing systems to increase bird performance while reducing electrical, maintenance and labor costs.

AirStorm™ 18" Fan without Cone

The 18" AirStorm fiberglass exhaust fan includes fan unit and matching PVC shutter. Optional discharge cone available for purchase separately.

Aluminum Livestock Sorting Panel - Single

Multiple SKUs available....
Single piece welded construction of heavy grade aluminum creates a strong yet lightweight livestock sorting panel, perfect for moving pigs, calves and other similar sized animals.
From $102.08

AquaChief™ Pig Water Cup (Base Unit)

SKU: 8150781501
AquaChief™ base unit water cup for pigs. Includes stainless steel water cup and 48" stainless steel water pipe with nipple.

Egg Belt Sewing Kit

SKU: AGL16-37179
Complete egg belt sewing kit. Includes (2) 3" Needles and (4) small spools of waxed thread.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 48"

Multiple SKUs available....
Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors. 115V 30 RPM cable model.
From $1,284.98

Grower SELECT® G-Logic Control Pan

SKU: HS8501
GrowerSELECT® G-Logic end of line control pan improves reliability of poultry feed lines by incorporating an updated sensor switch.

Grower SELECT® Hopper Level Control

SKU: HS597
Regulates feed level in poultry feedline hoppers.

Hog Slat® Carcass Cart for Sows

SKU: 8330211100
Larger 900 lb. capacity. 18-1/2" wide and 78" tall. 13" wheel height.

Hog Slat® Laser Fan Pulley Alignment Kit

SKU: HS783
Eliminate premature fan belt wear caused by poor pulley alignment.