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Ultimate Chicken Bucket Drinker


Building a poultry drinker by inserting poultry watering nipples into the bottom of a common five-gallon plastic bucket is very popular for backyard flocks. Bucket waterers are inexpensive, sanitary and relatively trouble-free.

We would like to introduce you to an improvement on this simple concept, a product we like to think of as the Ultimate Bucket Drinker.
Bucket waterer with hen

The Ultimate Bucket Drinker is uniquely designed with three recessed sections with preformed nipple fittings molded into the bottom of the bucket, allowing for easy handling and an effective method for watering backyard flocks.

One key feature of the Ultimate Bucket Drinker is the three recessed sections. These allow for the bucket to be placed stably on the ground when filling with water, a feature that is not possible with the standard drinker with nipples screwed into the bottom of the bucket.

0004356_chicken-drinking-bucket-with-3-nipples_326A second benefit of the Ultimate Bucket Drinker is raised watering nipples. This raised design prevents any dirt or debris that is in the water to plug the watering nipples. Instead, any dirt or debris in the water will settle to the bottom corners of the bucket.

The nipples themselves are commercial grade; trigger activated with extra top filter. 

The Ultimate Bucket Drinker includes an easy on/off lid, hanging/carrying handle and adjustable0004355_chicken-drinking-bucket-with-3-nippleshanging cord, allowing you to regulate the ideal drinking height as your chickens grow.

The Ultimate Bucket Drinker goes together fast…no drilling or gluing necessary and costs less than other pre-packaged kits on the market.

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