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FARMSTEAD Equipment is manufactured and sourced to provide high-quality, durable equipment for our customers raising smaller quantities of pigs, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Our selection of chicken feeders, pig feeders, chicken nest boxes, water nipples, drinking supplies and other equipment has been tested and proven to provide the best value on the market for pastured and outdoor raised animals. 

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Scott Shop Towel Blue

Scott Shop Towel Blue

30 Egg Cardboard Flats

30 egg capacity trays, molded from high-quality recycled paper. Packaged 140 per bundle. Stackable design conserves space.

Wean Mat 39" x 39"

Heavy molded wean mat perfect for starting young pigs on feed.

Wean to Finish Mat 48" x 72"

Wean to finish mat helps get pigs off to a good start by keeping them dry and reducing feed waste.

4' x 6' PolyMAT Wean Mat

Lightweight mat weighs only 17lbs.

KANE Manual Heat Pad Control

KANE rheostat for manual heat pad control. 300 Watt 110v.