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Have the Bin Flag Call You

Okay I admit it…it has been awhile since we’ve posted a blog. But I have an excuse…We’ve been working on some new ad campaigns and new swine and poultry catalogs (which you can request a copy of here.) But now we are back…ourlast blog was about the Bin Flag and at the end we mentioned a way to connect it to a phone alarm dialer.

When you pair the Bin Flag with a alarm phone dialer you will receive a phone alarm whenever feed levels drop below the critical level.  Setting the Bin Flag up with most alarm systems is a pretty simple process.   Purchase the magnetic sensor for less than $20 (item #HDL59065-952) and screw it into the Bin Flag.  You then run common phone wire from the sensor to a contact on the phone dialer.   The alarm system will allow you to program a unique message that identifies each particular bin.

Really I’m not so sure this isn’t a more important feature than the visual part of the Bin Flag…normally you have to be at the building site and look at the Bin Flag. But with the Bin Flag connected to an alarm it calls you. So whether you are in the field, on the road, and wherever you have cell service you will be notified when a feed outage occurs and have to time to react and get feed ordered.

You can learn more about setting up the Bin Flag with the Sensaphone and Agri-Alert alarm systems by going to our website and reading the manual we have located under our Resources section.

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