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Plasson Broiler Drinker Parts

Complete Plasson® broiler bell water drinker replacement parts. 

Plasson® Broiler Drinker Parts Diagram Click on Item# to go to product page
Plasson Broiler Parts List
Item# Description
52821 Clip
61724 Nylon Cord
HSCA-1 Cord Adjuster
DI2140018 Handle Hook
DI2140009 Water Level Adjuster
SDBV22 Inline Shut-off
52832 1/4" Flexible Tube
P2100039 1/4" Union
P2140012 Mechanism Top
DI2140011 Mechanism Lock Collar
P2140016 S.S. Spring
DI2140017 Washer
DI2140015 Washer Support
DI2140013 Mechanism Body
DI2140014 Down Spout
DI2104033 Bell
DI2140007 Hanger Rod
DI2140008 Hanger Ballast Nut
DI2140002 Ballast Bottle
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Plasson® Cord Clip

SKU: DI52821
Replacement clip for all Plasson® bell drinkers.

Cord Adjuster - Yellow

Cord Adjuster for Poultry Feed Line and drinker lines, Yellow.

Plasson® Handle Hook - Broiler

SKU: DI2140018
Replacement handle hook for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® 1/4" Black Flex Tubing

SKU: DI52832
Replacement tubing for all Plasson® bell drinkers, priced per foot.

1/4" x 1/4" Barb Shut Off Valve

1/4" x 1/4" barbed shut off valve with blue handle. Use on 1/4" hose line anywhere a convenient shut off point is needed.

Plasson® 1/4" Swivel Adaptor

SKU: DIP2100039
Replacement 1/4" swivel adaptor for all Plasson® bell drinkers.

Plasson® Water Level Adjuster - Broiler

SKU: DI2140009
Replacement water level adjuster for Plasson® Broiler Drinker.

Plasson® Mechanism Top - Broiler

SKU: DIP2140012
Replacement mechanism top for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Mechanism Lock Collar - Broiler

SKU: DI2140011
Replacement lock collar for Plasson® Broiler drinker mechanism.

Plasson® Spring Stainless Steel - Broiler

SKU: DIP2140016
Replacement stainless steel spring for Plasson® broiler drinker.

Plasson® Washer - Broiler

SKU: DI2140017
Replacement black washer for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Washer Support - Broiler

SKU: DI2140015
Replacement support washer for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Mechanism Body - Broiler

SKU: DI2140013
Replacement mechanism body for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Down Spout - Broiler

SKU: DI2140014
Replacement downspout for Plasson® Broiler drinker. Priced/sold per downspout.

Plasson® Bell - Broiler

SKU: DI2104033
Replacement bell for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Hanger Rod - Broiler

SKU: DI2140007
Replacement hanger rod for Plasson® Broiler drinkers.

Plasson® Hanger Ballast Nut - Broiler

SKU: DI2140008
Replacement ballast nut for Plasson® Broiler drinker.

Plasson® Ballast Bottle - Broiler

SKU: DI2140002
Replacement ballast bottle for Plasson® Broiler drinker.