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Evaporative Media Test Chamber

A recent addition to Hog Slat Inc.’s engineering facility will help provide producers with information focused on increasing the useful life of cool cell pads.

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Step-Down Water Filtration

Step-Down Filtration systems improve sediment removal from the water sources used in livestock and poultry production.

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What's All That Gunk On My Cool Cell Pads?

When water evaporates, pure water is released leaving behind mineral deposits on the cool cell pads

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Simple Guide For Measuring Fan V-Belts



Replacing the belts on fans every year is a smart investment to ensure they are delivering their maximum performance. Worn fan belts can cause as much as 20% loss of cfm output.

Ordering the correct replacement fan belt is as easy taking a few simple measurements.

V Belt comparsion (web)


First, to determine wha...

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Solid sided finishing buildings…part 2

Solid wall ext_1540x800 The biggest benefit of solid sided finishing facilities may be the hardest to measure.  

Recently we published an article highlighting some key factors contributing to the growing popularity of solid sided curtain finishing houses.   These included heat savings, reduced maintenance, and improved ...

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Upgrade your farm's fire safety

FireDamage_web   Minimize the effects of fire losses in livestock and poultry buildings by following these basic guidelines and implementing a fire plan.  

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, agricultural fires annually account for $102 million in property damage and result in 25 fatalities. One-third of ...

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Solid sidewall finishers growing trend in new construction


For the last 20-plus years, the industry standard for finishing houses has been some variation of a total slat, double-curtain building design. This style of construction utilized lower cost curtain construction on the sidewalls.   As the design migrated north, some of the earliest adaptions to th...

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Your next livestock medicator should be electric


It is a standard production practice to use water driven medicators to administer medications, vaccines, and supplements to livestock and poultry.  With good water quality and routine maintenance, virtually all brands of water driven medicators do an excellent job of accurately delivering the corr...

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Medicator aids show pig production


Adding a water-based medicator adds flexibility to your management options.   It's easier and quicker to switch medications and supplements in the water compared to using feed additives. Also, sick animals will drink water even if they aren't eating well.  


Most show pig producers with more tha...

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Bait stations improve rodent control


The use of bait stations improves the effectiveness of any rodent control program. Stations protect baits from rain and dirt, helping the rodenticides stay fresh and potent longer while providing security against access from children and pets. Bait stations also provide an environment where rats a...

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