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And now you need to clean the water


The second part of our series on treating the drinking water in finishing houses.
Jesse McCoy, CWS, Business Unit Specialist, Water Treatment, Neogen Corp.  

Following proper terminal line disinfection, the next step in a water program for the benefit of your animals is disinfection of the drinkin...

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It’s not a battle; it’s a war.


Win the war against rats and mice with these three steps for effective use of rodenticides.  

Cool temperatures are fast approaching meaning mice and rats will be looking for a warm place to live (your production facility). This article provides the basic information needed for an effective ye...

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Sow group housing update | stanchions


Group housing for sows remained a popular topic at this year’s World Pork Expo. Hog Slat's sales director, Fritz Richards, outlines his recommendations for stanchions.  

What is the most common question asked about stanchions?  
Probably the most common question is whether to use a solid or op...

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The importance of proper terminal line cleaning for finishing hogs


After animals are depopulated, the attitude on the farm shifts to preparing for the next round of animals. This traditionally includes cleaning the facility from top to bottom and applying a disinfectant. Any routine maintenance is performed, and those nagging issues that may have been noticed, bu...

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AirStorm X-Brace fans feature “Farm Smart” Design


"These are the type of ventilation fans a poultry or hog producer would design to use on their own farms," exclaimed Hog Slat engineer Tyler Marion. "The emphasis is on using corrosion resistant materials to reduce maintenance and delivering energy efficient air flow at typical operating static ...

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Four Questions Every New Grower Should Ask Their Builder


Not all turnkey contracts and turnkey builders are the same. Knowing what to ask the potential contractors bidding on your project helps you avoid additional costs when or if problems occur during construction.  


1) Financial Strength.

A typical production site will cost from $350,000 upward...

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Farmstead Nests Featured in Martha Stewart Blog

Martha Stewart recently installed new Farmstead nests on her farm near Bedford, New York.   The farm houses over 100 chickens in four individual coops.  Here's a short excerpt from the article:  

I love knowing my hens are provided with clean, comfortable nests. Rolled metal edges prevent injury to...

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Dim-to-Blue® Lighting for Optimal Broiler Production


While LED lighting can bring broiler poultry growers significant energy savings, AgriShift® Dim-to-Blue® lighting offers more than being an environmentally friendly option. What makes AgriShift® Dim-to-Blue® technology uniquely beneficial, is that it is designed to influence and direct certain pro...

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Static Pressure Key to Troubleshooting Ventilation


With the summer heat settling in it's not uncommon for ventilation problems to start showing up in broiler houses and swine gestation/ breeding buildings. Even facilities that have performed well in the past may experience issues.   One of the best yardsticks for evaluating a ventilation system is...

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Slat Design Aids Pig Welfare


Inappropriate or poorly maintained slatted floors are the most common causes of physical injuries to pigs. Pigs with foot or joint pain will not get up as often to eat and drink resulting in lower Average Daily Gain and reduced performance.   The industry movement to group gestation housing also...

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