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New Product Introductions at IPPE 2017

Georgia Poultry booth at 2017 IPPE show Georgia Poultry booth at 2017 IPPE show

Georgia Poultry highlighted two new products, scheduled for release later this spring, at this year's show in Atlanta.

Classic Flood Light Kit illuminates control pan to encourage bird activity.

The Classic Flood Light Kit provides supplemental light to a...

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Simple Primer on How Galvanizing Protects Metal

Hog Slat bins feature the industry's heaviest galvanized coating. Hog Slat bins feature the industry's heaviest galvanized coating.

Steel corrosion, commonly referred to as rust, is an oxidization process occurring when iron in steel is exposed to oxygen and water. Rust causes steel to thin over time, reducing its strength and causing product failure.

Paint coating protect steel  from elements until damaged. Paint co...

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Balancing a Tunnel Ventilation System

By Austin Baker
Ventilation Director, Hog Slat Inc.

Windstorm 54" fans Windstorm 54" fans

As the industry continues to increase wind speeds in broiler houses, we need to be mindful of maintaining a balance in a tunnel ventilation system.   A ventilation system operating at a high static pressure does not necessarily...

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Choose the Right Heater for Poultry Brooding

By Paul Horne
Gas-Fired Products Inc.


Radiant heat has gained wide acceptance across the industry for heating the brooder area of poultry houses.   Because radiant heat delivers heating energy directly to the birds and floor, radiant offers significant advantages compared to forced air heat includ...

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The Field Guide to Slat Repair and Replacement

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-12-14-31-pmHog Slat Inc. teamed up with Vanberg Specialized Coatings and Altenburg Construction to produce a working guide for swine producers covering the repair and replacement of concrete slats.

Vanberg Specialized Coatings pioneered the use of cement and epoxy-based coatings specifically developed for use...

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Georgia FFA project support by local industry

When a local FFA chapter asked for industry support, Georgia Poultry's Heath Whiddon jumped at the chance. Heath explained, " My involvement in FFA throughout my middle school and high school year shaped my career path in animal agricultural. After graduating from UGA, I worked for Perdue Farms befo...

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Midwest Deep Pit Layer House

When Larry Nightingale constructed a 50' x 500' building to produce cage-free eggs on his 700-acre farm in Pulaski, IA, utilizing the manure from the 20,000 laying hens was an important consideration. "A deep pit has less moving parts than a scraper system and having 12 months of storage allows us t...

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2nd Generation Stanchions


The pen gestation continues to evolve as producers gain "real world" experience managing production systems.  

In 2012 Prestage Farms remodeled an existing finishing complex into breeding and farrowing units and installed stanchions in the pen gestation. You can read more about the remodel projec...

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SowMAX Key to Increasing Feed Consumption


A move to 21-day weaning along with an increasing born live, sent Great Lake Pork, headquartered in Allendale, Michigan in search of the best method for ad-lib feeding in farrowing. 

"Improved sow genetics resulted in more pigs farrowed plus we wanted to boost pig weights by weaning later. We nee...

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Missouri Cage-Free Egg Production

potters-nest_1400px Potter's colony nests

A group of Missouri farmers is developing production systems needed to meet the growing demand for cage-free eggs. The producers contract with local egg companies to provide facilities that meet established humane standards for egg production. Unlike typical industry contract...

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